Why Cebuana designer Mayeth Codoy is causing a sensation in Europe with her “Filipiniana” creations –

Mayeth Codoy was invited to exhibit her suits made from Filipino fabrics at the Philippine Embassy in Oslo, Norway. | Photo courtesy of the Philippine Embassy in Norway

MAYETH Codoy, a Filipino stylist living in Norway, is one of the designers whose work will be showcased at Asia Pacific Fashion Week 2022 (APFW) – a global platform for emerging designers – in Los Angeles and Las Vegas on August 6 and 13, respectively.

Mayeth is the founder of MYET, a trendy and luxurious clothing line made almost entirely from abaca (Manila hemp) and pinya (pineapple), unique fabrics in the Philippines.

Mayeth, born and raised in Cebu, Philippines, began her journey of inspiration at the age of 23 when she left her family to work as an au pair in Oslo.

While in Oslo, Codoy pursued his big dream by studying fashion design at the Esmod International Fashion School in Oslo, which is a branch of the prestigious Esmod Group in Paris.

Pinay-based international designer Mayeth Codoy uses fibers from the banana and abaca plant in the Philippines. Designs worn by models Abigail Gyamfi and Jannike Skien.
Photo by Joe Urrutia

Mayeth’s Filipino-inspired works were notably featured on Esmod International’s official website last year. Her artistic pieces, such as the Maria Clara dress molded in pinya fiber, the same material used to produce the Filipino ‘barong Tagalog’ national costume, carry the cultural identity of traditional Filipino clothing.

Mayeth graduated in 2020 and has since founded MYET, a small fashion company in Norway.

“The reason for starting this brand is to create something unique made with natural fabrics, produced by farmers in my home country. This is because I can identify with their daily struggles to provide for their family, “the designer said on her website www.myet.no.

Mayeth bought the materials for her clothes from the artisan villages of Aklan, a Philippine province famous for its stunning white beaches on the island of Boracay.

“All products with this garment will be manufactured in the Philippines, creating even more jobs,” he said.

French model Mamì Chula in Mayeth Codoy asymmetrical dress made with pineapple fabrics (and pineapple-inspired mini bag, for starters) at Paris Fashion Week 2021. | Photo by Artur Rocha

Mayeth’s creations were unveiled at Paris Fashion Week in 2021, testifying to her brilliance, hard work and unwavering determination in achieving her goals. Mayeth’s designs are able to highlight the distinct beauty of Filipino pinya and abaca fibers in creations so beautiful and modern that they are appropriate for both special events and everyday wear.

Mayeth’s trademark is slowly establishing itself in major European cities today. In 2022 he will debut with his models at the APFW in Los Angeles, considered the fifth fashion capital of the world after Paris, London, Milan and New York.

Mayeth’s artistic vision is very inspiring and APFW believes it exemplifies Filipino creativity and artistry.

Mayeth’s goal and ambition to promote Filipino natural fibers on the European market is an expression of her love for her homeland. She makes Filipinos happy to call themselves Filipinos.

Pinay stylist Mayeth Codoy, who runs her atelier in Oslo called MYET, also develops accessories including footwear, bags, hair accessories and hats worn by models Abigail Gyamfi and Jannike Skien. Photo by Joe Urrutia

Asia Pacific Fashion Week: A Global Platform

The range of designs within the Filipino community is different from others. But what makes them even more special is the subtle nod they make to their culture.

Indeed, these designers are drawing well-deserved attention to Filipino glam, and Asia Pacific Fashion Week will be their newest global platform to showcase the diversity of Filipino-inspired fashions.

This inaugural edition of APFW is presented by the Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles, the DTI office in Los Angeles, the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) and the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

The Los Angeles section of APFW enjoys the support of Asian Journal Publications, Inc. Trending Beverages Inc., Napa Valley Distribution Inc., Montemaria Cellars, House of Pacquiao Wine, Individual Health Care, Lombard by the Bay, MTS Law Firm, Premier Asia Pacific Real Estate & Development and Tina Modeling.

The Las Vegas edition is co-produced by InterEdx, a dba of Dynasty Exchange Ltd. LLC., Led by Dr. Lee Dedicatoria, in collaboration with Asia on Earth, Dynasty Ventures, Club Paradisia, World Edoption, Royal Blue Staffing and Lend with Love.

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