What to wear now, according to Celebrity Stylist

  • I’m a celebrity stylist, so I have a pretty good idea which looks will be trending this spring.
  • Long scarves and gloves can elevate your outfit with light layers.
  • Yellow, lilac, and fuchsia are all popular colors that you should expect to see everywhere.

It’s finally time to start letting go of our winter layers and add more pops of color for spring.

As a celebrity stylist, I know the scoop on what you should add to your closet, from fun colors and scarves to cardigans and gloves.

Read on for 10 fashion and beauty trends you should expect to see this season, as well as how to embrace them for a fun, finished look.

The scarves come in many prints and patterns

Sandra Okerulu wears a colorful pink babushka scarf outside

Babushka scarves are available in many different colors and designs.

Sandra Okerulù

Scarves offer an elegant way to choose your level of modesty and I fell in love with them.

It is important to note that scarves can also go beyond fashion and people from different cultures wear scarves for different reasons. Growing up in Serbia, formerly known as Yugoslavia, I have seen many women cover their hair with scarves tight under their necks to withstand the rain and snow or keep their curls in place after a salon run.

I think scarves can be functional and stylish and I recently wore one in bright pink silk with a fun print and matching outfit.

Yellow is returning brighter than ever

It can be intimidating to incorporate such a bright color into your look, but you can start with the makeup.

In fact, your eyeshadow palette can be the key starter in this look. Everyone knows that a NYC girl lives for an easy beauty trend and I love Jason Wu’s colorful eyeshadows that have just the right amount of hue to add light to your day.

Lilac is the pop of color your closet calls for

Sandra Okerulu wears a lilac shirt and trench coat with orange pants

Lilac is a fairly versatile color.

Sandra Okerulù

You can trace this trend back to the mid 90’s when pastel colors were huge. Lilac was in teenage magazines and runways.

In 2018, I purchased this color while drawing a client and really enjoyed pairing it with matching pants and an Alfani faux-collar turtleneck.

If you’re looking to add this shade to your closet, start with a cool shirt, sweatpants, or pants. Since the color is not very strong, it will fit perfectly into your essential wardrobe.

A feathered hoodie is the closet upgrade you didn’t know you needed

Sandra Okerulu wears a hooded sweatshirt with nude feathers next to a colorful flower painting

You can dress up or down feathered hoodies.

Sandra Okerulù

Hoodies can give you a soft touch after a long day and are perfect for running errands. Options with a fun feathered tulle on the shoulders can help you enhance your look.

I own a hooded sweatshirt with nude feathers and pair it with matching snakeskin pants and colorful shoes.

You can also embellish this look with a pair of sneakers or some pretty ballet flats.

Cardigans of all shapes and styles are ideal this season to complete your look

Cardigans are great for getting ready for work, running errands or hanging out with friends. And now they’re trending in loads of styles, colors, and textures.

You can wear the garment with a pair of jeans and a belt to add some style and shape, or you can toss it over your favorite dress as a fun layer.

Long evening gloves aren’t just for fairy tales

Sandra Okerulu wears long gloves with a pink and red dress

Long gloves are making a comeback in a modern way.

Sandra Okerulù

Aside from her glass slippers, Cinderella’s long white gloves were a big fashion moment, and now this trend is making a comeback in a modern way.

I recently wore elbow-length cheetah print faux leather gloves with a two-tone dress, and they sealed the look.

You can also play down this look by pairing the gloves with a denim jacket with rolled up sleeves and bottom of your choice. It will still look fun.

Pleated skirts are more than just a school trend

Now is the time to pick up a pair of pleated skirts for spring and summer. They will be a seasonal must.

Perfect for work or an everyday fit, pleated skirts can be worn with your favorite sneakers or a nice pair of open sandals.

You can easily dress them up with a belt, a shirt and a nice pair of heels.

Hot pink is back and it’s here to stay

Sandra Okerulu wears fuchsia sweatshirt and pants

I love the pink color.

Sandra Okerulù

I love everything pink, so it’s already a staple color in my wardrobe that I wear almost every other day.

The color is bold, so it’s only natural to be unsure how to wear it.

Recently, I paired pink leather joggers with a matching crewneck sweatshirt trimmed with fur along the sleeves. I broke up the look with a pair of cow print boots and a scarf with a different color story.

Cargo pants are an exciting throwback from Y2k

Cargo pants are back in the limelight and are a comfortable bottom to add to your wardrobe for back to work.

I jumped on this trend, living in the nostalgic feeling of myself in high school trying to wear crop top cargo.

I recommend elevating the look with a handbag, a pair of trendy shoes, or any other accessory that makes you feel your best. I like to wear them with a pair of heels, a hoodie and an orange fuzzy jacket.

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