Weight Loss: How Sonny Jay lost 2.4kg of pure body fat in 12 weeks

Sonny Jay, presenter and DJ of the Capital Radio Breakfast Show, lost a whole point from his BMI and lost 2.4kg of pure body fat while gaining 1kg of muscle mass in just 12 weeks. He used the MunchFit Lean plan to achieve the amazing transformation. The DJ shortened his waist by nearly five inches and increased his chest by two inches.

Sonny, 28, used a bespoke lean meal plan to boost his weight loss after putting on the pounds after winning Dancing on Ice 2021.

When the series ended and the grueling weeks of training were over, he realized that he had put a strain on his body.

Sonny said, “I just fell off after the show. I was taking supplements and exercising so much that I thought I should rest my body. “

However, without a solid fitness plan and bad habits creeping in, like the tasty sausage sandwiches from the staff canteen, he quickly noticed changes he didn’t like.

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She said: “I wanted to go back to that feeling I had after the show of being happy with my body. I want to feel good and look athletic and healthy ”.

Earlier this year, Sonny Jay embarked on a 12-week program to review his nutrition and fitness regimen in a sustainable way. He used a bespoke meal plan from MunchFit and a training regimen with coach Alexander Edwards at Sonny’s Virgin Active Club.

Sonny’s MunchFit Lean Plan is specifically calibrated for fat loss. Meals offer around 380 kcal per serving with 30g of protein and 21g of carbohydrates per meal, designed to help you lose weight.

Sonny Jay’s plan included extra breakfast portions to help him get started, but he found he didn’t need them. He said, “I don’t have to worry about what I’m cooking. It can be stressful at times, especially if I’ve had a busy day.

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“It can be very irritating to get all the ingredients to do what I want.

“So, the fact that the meals arrive at my door and all I have to do is put them in the fridge: it’s a sweet life.”

She added: “It’s nice and I haven’t had a snack.

“I’m literally sticking to my exact meals and I’m not hungry. I just have one protein shake between meals and that’s it. I feel like it works perfectly for me.”

Sonny’s BMI dropped from 27 to 26 in the plan. He also reduced his metabolic age from 38 to 30. His body fat dropped from 22% to 19.6%, while his muscle mass increased from 74.2% to 76.5%.

His life saw the biggest transformation from 40 inches to 35.5 inches. Her chest is up to 40 inches by 38 inches.

A lover of carbohydrates and international flavors, Sonny Jay used to batch cook heavy meals like spaghetti Bolognese for viewing during the week. However, he feels better with the new meals than he does.

Sonny said, “MunchFit has opened up a world of different foods for me. I love flavors, they are my passion and the curries in the Lean plan are really nice. They make a Beef Satay and a Thai one which is really tasty with cauliflower rice.

“I ate the Turkey Burrito for breakfast, which wasn’t something I’d had before, but it was really tasty.

“Then there are the obvious things you wouldn’t necessarily think are good for you, like burgers.

“They take off the sandwich, put it on with a little quinoa and a little salad, and it’s good for you. And the muffins with natural yogurt are all gluten-free.”

He also claims to feel more energetic after starting the plan. He said, “I always felt like there was a limit to how good I could feel. I get up very early, go to work, then come home and have no energy to do anything else for the rest of the day.

“Now there are no limits. I can’t wait to experience the feeling I get when I get out of the gym and I can’t wait to have a good meal and know it’s good for me.”

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