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JP Staff (The Jakarta Post)

Sun, April 10, 2022

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Three best friends have built a brand on their mutual love of minimalist resort and casual wear. In an industry where things are constantly changing, Wearestatuquo maintains its status quo.

Janet Prasetio, Vanessa and Denissa are three childhood friends who ventured together to Australia for their higher education. Janet studied graphics, while Vanessa and Denissa focused on hospitality.

“[The idea came] because we all studied abroad in Australia, and when we went back to Indonesia, the style was nothing like that [what we found in Australia]”said Denissa.” So we thought about making clothes in the style we wanted. “

The three have created a unique brand that apparently does not have a common thread with the typical characteristics of the fashion industry: Wearstatuquo.

“It was derived from the phrase ‘status quo’. If we look it up in the dictionary, status quo means stagnant. But we chose the name [because it symbolizes] something that will always be there. So our style will not go out of style; a style that people can always use again, anywhere, anytime, “Vanessa explained.

The trio tweaked the phrase slightly to add a unique punch, but stayed true to their ideology of always staying relevant.

“While we still do something that follows fashion trends, we also make sure that our clothes are something we can continue to wear, even if it is perhaps a collection we bought three years ago.”

Detail: The brand says that one thing to consider when exporting fashion items is size adjustment.  (Hypefast / Courtesy of Wearstatuquo)Detail: The brand says that one thing to consider when exporting fashion items is size adjustment. (Hypefast / Courtesy of Wearstatuquo) (Hypefast / Courtesy of Wearstatuquo)

Initial journey

The trio have all been doing corporate jobs for a while, but have decided to focus on their own business. Launched in 2012, it originally introduced resort casual wear as its main style. However, the founders admitted that their personal styles might have some level of influence in the creative process.

“The three of us have different styles, so every collection has to have a distinctive style. One could be very Vanessa or very Denissa, but we’re trying to find the common thread when we make a collection,” said Denissa. “In my opinion, Vanessa’s style is simpler and more elegant. Janet is bolder and more bizarre with colors and patterns. While for me she is more feminine or sweet.”

The brand relied solely on designers, but with an awareness of their idealistic nature, they eventually took a different approach.

“We used to [stick to what we like]but with the passage of time we realized that the market does not always follow our ideals, so we also have to look at fashion trends, “Denissa revealed.” We send our models to be produced by a small-scale factory that of our designers knew. “

Starting out as a web-based store, the brand has seen some success in a short period of time. It started contracting additional small factories due to the new demand. However, the trio didn’t stand still when they ironically found a form of status quo in their business.

“We’ve been in this industry for a while and wanted to go further. Ten years ago the local brand movement wasn’t that big; when we launched, we got a lot of attention from a lot of people who wanted to get to know local brands. From there, the growth has been organic, “Denissa said. “There has been massive growth in local brands.”

The brand sought help and found Hypefast, an ecommerce aggregator. After a brief introduction, the brand officially joined the company in hopes of further engagement and growth.

“We joined Hypefast in our eighth year. The collaboration opened up our perspective as a brand and opportunities we didn’t know existed,” said Denissa.

Subsequently, the brand partnered with various other local brands, such as Nona, and international brands such as Disney. She has also taken part in several overseas trade shows, with the Magic Fashion Trade Show February 14-16 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada, United States, the latest.

Business Idea: After studying in Australia, the three childhood friends - Janet, Vanessa and Denissa - were inspired by the fashion style of the earth underground.  (Hypefast / Courtesy of Wearstatuquo)Business Idea: After studying in Australia, the three childhood friends – Janet, Vanessa and Denissa – were inspired by the fashion style of the earth underground. (Hypefast / Courtesy of Wearstatuquo) (Hypefast / Courtesy of Wearstatuquo)

Future directions near

The brand followed the flow, relying on the intuition of the three founders. Now, with more partners involved in the venture, the trio has decided to proceed in a more careful and structured way.

“When we make a collection, we need to have a plan for the next six months. We read in advance the trends in materials, colors and clothes. We also have a production and designer team who meet with us every week to plan the collection every month, “Vanessa said. “We are lucky because we always source locally, so we haven’t really been affected by the supply chain crisis [caused by] this pandemic “.

In addition to her timeless, slow-fashioned campaign and approach to local manufacturing, Denissa revealed that the brand is currently developing a plan for sustainable fashion.

“We are interested, but the process is very elaborate, so we are still developing the plans.”

In terms of approach to the market, the brand also takes a different path. It now focuses more on the markets rather than its own website. However, the founders don’t want to limit growth to just local audiences.

“We want to go international, of course. But first, I think our main focus is on Southeast Asia for now,” Vanessa explained. “All cities have a different style. Different parts of Jakarta also have their own distinct style. The key here is to stay relevant and innovate no matter where we are going.”


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