We must put the African fashion industry on the world map – Promoter

Fynn spoke in a telephone interview from London with the News agency of Nigeria in Lagos.

“That’s why I started the awards to put the spotlight on promising African fashion creatives, whose full potential has not been recognized.

“We have to honor these people.

“Most of the time, someone will do very well, but no one honors or celebrates him,” he said.

Fynn said the awards had the potential to open doors of opportunity for Africans in the diaspora.

He said it would help unsung African creatives to make themselves known, as well as put African fashion creatives on the world map.

According to her, plans have been concluded to hold the 2022 edition of the awards, the second edition, in London in September.

Fynn said the initiative aimed to celebrate the immense talents of African fashion creatives: dress designers, accessory designers and fashion photographers, among others.

He said each category would be judged by a professional jury who would select a number of finalists for the ceremony.

“Applicants can apply on their own or be nominated by others by completing the application on the website.

“Applications must be received by 00:00 on July 31, 2022,” Fynn said.

According to her, over 200 participants are expected at the awards ceremony after the success of the 2021 edition, which registered over 150 participants.

“The concept started 16 years ago, but our first African Fashion Awards was in 2021; this year will be our second year.

Fynn said NAN that AFA’s goal was to honor African fashion design talents such as make-up artists, fashion photographers and models.

Fynn listed the 2022 award categories to include Model of the Year, Makeup Artist of the Year, Accessories Designer of the Year, Wedding Dress Designer of the Year, and Fashion Photographer of the Year.

Others are Men’s Stylist of the Year, Custom Tailor of the Year and Women’s Stylist of the Year, as well as Outstanding Achievement Awards, the winner of which would be chosen by the AFA promoters.

Fynn noted that David Wej, a Nigerian, won the Men’s Wear Fashion Designer of the Year award at the 2021 edition.

On the challenges, he said funding was a major constraint.

She said she was open to collaborations that ensure the sustainability of the initiative.

Fynn urged the Nigerian government to pay more attention to the creative subsector for job creation.

“If the government takes a deeper look at African fashion creatives, it will create jobs for young people.

“You see young people wearing make-up, they learned it for themselves; makeup artists can hire other people.

“It’s the same with fashion photography. If a fashion photographer is called to come and work somewhere, he will bring people to work with him.

“All African fashion creatives can create many jobs for young people. There are many young people without work; you can see african models are going places but they are not encouraged.

“If the government can look at the sector, there will be more jobs because it’s an everyday thing; it can create a lot of jobs, ”Fynn said.


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