“We all connect together.” Briarcliff Manor mom Stacey Winnick on the beauty of volunteering and the support community

Living sustainably and helping those in need means being able to live a better quality of life. This is what drives Stacey Winnick to continue doing good in her community and beyond. With over 30 years of career in the vintage clothing and antiques industry, Stacey teaches her clients how to “turn your clutter into money” and at the same time shows them that reducing, donating and selling items can be truly liberating.

Our dream team. Nance Dickinson, Stacey Winnick, Merri Satran, Amy Diaz, Elaina the Hon

Originally from Edgemont, Stacey has been calling Briarcliff Manor home for the past 18 years. She lives here with her husband and two children, one in college and the other in junior high school. Living and volunteering at Briarcliff Manor gives Stacey a strong sense of community.

“Go to town and everyone you see knows your name. I support almost every business in the city and people will say, ‘Hi Stacey, how is your son? Let me take your order. ‘ It is truly a wonderful city and it is small enough that it can really make a big difference.

Stacey is very passionate about helping others in the community and beyond, as well as making connections. Living in a small town like Briarcliff Manor allows her to meet different groups of people that she might otherwise never have met.

“People are constantly writing to me: ‘I just got a house here and I feel so lucky. Can you tell me about the city? ‘ I can talk to people about different services in the city and put them in contact. You can connect with others if you want, you have to make the effort to connect and get out of your comfort zone ”.

Volunteering and making connections with and for others is of the utmost importance to Stacey. She mobilizes a 15-person volunteer team she calls her Briarcliff Volunteer Dream Team and uses social media to connect with others, tell people what’s going on and how they can help. “I work, I take care of the children and the house and I am busy, but I know that my group of volunteers is making a difference. Volunteers are taking their time because we all connect together, it brings many people together ”. As she says, it makes it easy for people to get involved. They can see what events are happening and join together to help where they can. “Everyone has their own interests, but you have to find the time to do something.”

We asked the community and received a lot of baby clothes and shirts as donations. We partnered with Sarang7 dry cleaners and they cleaned 65 clothes for free. All the children were extremely happy with their new outfits!

Stacey has been volunteering with the Ossining Children’s Center (OCC) for 15 years and uses social media to spread the word about families’ needs. “You have to think about all the channels on which to promote the units. The pandemic has occurred and we have said that families need food ”. People lined up at the OCC for meals and groceries and then it was expanded to include items like bicycles, appliances, clothes, and more. “We couldn’t stop. She called me a woman with a family to support. She was unemployed and the next day we had food for them. She just ignited something in me ”. The OCC receives food donations from various organizations, including a weekly donation from Trader Joe’s in Larchmont and a monthly donation from the Upper Westchester Muslim Society in Pleasantville, as well as various farm stands. It is very competitive to get food donations everywhere.

Our volunteer Nancy Beard personally put together 80 Christmas bags filled with Christmas toys and candy. She worked with the kids on Zoom to create a Christmas bag !! It was a smash hit. There is always something to do with our dream team of volunteers.

In addition to the OCC, Stacey is also Co-Chair of Briarcliff Sustainability. People contact her when they need to get rid of things and she connects objects to those who need them. Each April they host a “Stash the Trash” event where the community goes out to pick up trash throughout Briarcliff Manor. “You can’t imagine the things they find. You never know what will happen and we are able to do everything through volunteers ”. And it’s never too early to start volunteering and teaching kids to do it. “My son started volunteering at 8, he grew up with that. The heart of both of my children is in helping people; it’s the little things that make a big difference ”.

Ben Jelinek, Briarcliff Manor HS Senior spent two years of intense volunteering. He never said no. He started collecting donations, anything he could collect from anywhere in the county. He once he took a whole room full of baby equipment. He helps sort food or plays soccer with the children. Ben can do anything. He has a heart of gold.

Through her core business and her Facebook group, Chappaqua Moms Sales, which she co-founded in 2013, Stacey helps people let go of their articles and connect them to others. She explains that the condition matters and you need to do your research on the items to know what you are selling. She is fascinated by what people will buy, but she also points out that people are throwing away too many things, which is not sustainable. There is always a need for donations on other channels such as Buy Nothing sites. “My mother has helped so many people, she really motivated me. People say, ‘how can you do so much?’ and I say, how can you not? I feel like a good organizer and motivator towards a common goal “.

Stacey truly cares about the well-being of her community and believes that providing the resources and tools to help everyone around you can help all of us live better and more sustainable lives.

For more information, visit staceywinnick.com

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