Vegan beauty products: the new choice of Gen Z

Over the past couple of years, the Indian beauty industry has seen a significant transformation in line with changing consumption patterns. Growing consumer awareness has led to the advent of an industry that takes a more sustainable approach to beauty and thrives in the dimensions of “organic”, “natural”, “ethically sourced”, “eco-friendly” and “vegan” . In this period of “ethical consumerism”, adopting vegan beauty is an intentional decision many consumers make to lead a more conscious lifestyle. Mrunmay Mehta Head – Beauty, Grooming and Luxury Beauty, Amazon India shares insights on how the new generation is shifting towards vegan products.

While consumers actively prefer products that resonate with their values ​​and ethics, we believe it also has an implicit “good for me” angle: Consumers are tired of the trope of mega brands that have lost an authentic voice over time. , or products full of harsh chemicals to meet short-term beauty needs, but long-term harming. Therefore, vegan beauty is one of the priority themes for these purpose-oriented clients, who also want to achieve self-care in a more sustainable way, with a growing awareness of the potential long-term harm from “chemical brands” as they put it. Indeed, as this generation evolves and their preferences change, brands are trying to find creative ways to respond to their inherent fluidity and we see many historical brands trying to walk the organic / natural / vegan axis to try to stay. relevant.

While responding to Gen Z consumer needs for vegan skin care, the brands have begun rolling out vegan skin care lines. Consumers are now becoming more and more curious about the ingredients used and the science behind the cosmetics – this is a far cry from the customers of yore who believed the brand word was true – “I find that the newfound confidence in making informed decisions is However, it’s not just about the ingredients, but also about sustainable practices, disrupting the cycle of use and launch, and sustainable packaging that is changing mindsets and putting vegan beauty in the spotlight, “says Mehta.

As a result, we are also seeing a sharp rise in the rise of vegan makeup brands. Consumers’ desire to make informed and ethical choices has met demand and recent technological advances have helped create supply. Advances in technology have allowed beauty brands large and small to ethically create and test products that are not only organic but also do what they intend to do sustainably. To help consumers make more informed choices, a number of organizations have introduced vegan certifications for the brand and packaging. This is still an emerging area where no distinct authority has defined what constitutes vegan or organic and brands are therefore innovating to extend definitions that work best for themselves. Consumers would do well to read the labels for their “100% natural” brands too!

Furthermore, we also observed that digital platforms are providing easy access to a variety of conscious brands, making sustainable beauty a mainstream. Ecommerce platforms are also now seeing more consumer growth and interest in vegan beauty brands than regular beauty products. It is not uncommon to see “clean beauty” or “green beauty” badges on online beauty retail sites globally, and indeed we see “sustainable” markets emerging as bold startups today in India as well – it remains to be seen if this alone is a reason why customers shop from a common destination, however, there is some awareness of the cause.

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