Urfi Javed is Rakhi Sawant 2.0 of street fashion. She has a lesson for “maryada” on TV

In the latest bickering on the Internet, ex-Big boss contestant Urfi Javed slammed designer Farah Khan Ali for shaming her for her choice of clothing. From her DIY clothes to her “bold” avatar and refusal to troll, she truly is Rakhi Sawant 2.0, albeit in fashion. Javed, who is no stranger to online trolling, decided not to accept Ali’s unsolicited opinion, who was trying to “advise” the TV actor on how to dress. Ali wrote: “I’m sorry to say, but this girl needs to be reprimanded for dressing in bad taste. People make fun of her and she thinks she likes the way she dresses. “

Before becoming the ‘bad girl’ of street fashion and the daily fodder for internet trolls from 2016 to 2017, Urfi played the role of Chhaya in the show Star Plus Chandra Nandhini (2016). In 2018, the actress played Kamini Joshi on SAB TV Saat Phero Ki Hera Pherie. Urfi Javed joined in 2020 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (2009) as Shivani Bhatia and later portrayed Tanisha Chakraborty Kasautii Zindagii Kay (2018).

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The transformation of Urfi Javed

Urfi’s Instagram presence has always been strong and currently has 2.7 million followers. From fashion ensembles that often don’t make sense to very casual bobbins, she goes all out. It was this popularity that got the actor a spot Big Boss OTT (2021). But she was also the first person to be eliminated. But unperturbed, Javed seems to have made his life a Bigg Boss season, with all the drama less confined to a house with rules.

Fashion gentleman Diet Sabya also recently launched her actor / celebrity-modeled merchandise. Being approved by Diet Sabya is an approval badge in itself, as he hasn’t spared even giants like Sabyasachi.

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The queen of controversies

From her relationship with her “childish” ex, Paras Kalnawat and her claim that she missed the popular Anupamaa show because of him, to yelling at a guard for not recognizing her, Urfi constantly creates trouble. But it’s also her attitude that she continues to win as many hearts. Being a Muslim woman, she was also trolled for her choice of clothing and told to wear a hijab.

Shabana Azmi also cleared the air for those who connected Urvi to Javed Akhtar’s family and tweeted: “Urfi Javed is in no way related to us.” “She is in no way related to us. Stop spreading lies! “He added in a follow-up post. Undeterred by the false claims, Urfi decided to turn the controversy into a style statement, wearing a T-shirt with the caption:” Not Javed Akhtar’s niece. ” .

Urfi Javed also called casting director Obed Afridi for asking the girls sexual favors and accused him of trying to slander her.

Urfi is the Gen Z version of Rakhi Sawant, known for being the queen of controversies centuries ago. The resemblance is almost uncanny, with Sawant once she called Mika Singh for forcefully kissing her and being trolled for everything she did to her, including her marriage.

The commonality doesn’t end there – it’s also how both women aren’t afraid to call things with bread, despite the potential impact on their careers after engaging in a war of words with industry heavyweights.

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TV and ‘sanskaar-maryada’

It is not uncommon for actors to act bahu-beti in TV series they are often expected to dress a certain way in their public appearances or in real life. Urfi’s counterpart, who also started out as a TV actress and later managed to build a massive social media presence based on her fashion choices, Nia Sharma, has also faced relentless trolling for clothes by. she. From the bubbly avatar of her in Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai (2011) a Naagin Season 4 (2021), Sharma, voted one of the sexiest Asian women in 2016 and 2017, has also transformed into a daring fashion diva.

Nia, however, is not the only one: there have been actors judged and shamed for not adhering to the “morality” of the characters they play on screen even in real life. For example, actress Sonarika Bhadoria was trolled for wearing a bikini. The trolls claimed they were “offended” because she was playing the role of the goddess Parvati in Devon ke Dev Mahadev (2011).

Whether you’re amused or offended by the very quirky tailoring choices and coils of Urfi, you can’t be ashamed or trolled by the Bigg Boss OTT star, without being called back or cheered. And you can’t even run away from her, as she too keeps up with the Instagram algorithm: she gets caught by the paparazzi or shares her own posts about her, being completely unrepentant with herself.

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