Tower 28 Beauty founder Amy Liu shares what ultimately helped curb her eczema

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Many entrepreneurs, particularly those in the beauty industry, say that starting their own business has been a long-standing vocation. With Amy Liu, founder of Tower 28 clean beauty brand, it took a lot of trust and some hard love.

“I’ve worked for other people for so long and kept telling myself that someday I’ll do my own thing,” Liu tells Yahoo Life. “I didn’t think I was ready. I didn’t think I was good enough. The moment I realized it was time for me to create my own brand was when I had a friend who … he said, ‘you know, you’re not getting any younger; if you don’t do it now, you never will. ‘”

Fortunately for us, Liu took his friend’s advice to heart and Tower 28 officially launched in 2019.

For those unfamiliar with it, Tower 28 Beauty, named after a lifeguard tower in Santa Monica, is made with sensitive skin in mind. Each product is vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic and free of ingredients that could irritate delicate skin.

Clean beauty is also far from a watchword for Liu – she has had eczema all her adult life and finding products that soothe her skin has always proved a challenge. “I really understand what it’s like to be in that position of feeling insecure and not knowing what to use,” she explained.

After switching to cleaning products, she realized that all the ingredients she was trying were irritating her skin even more. You have therefore decided to dispel the myth that we have all heard a million times: natural products are always better. “Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s good for you,” shares the founder of Tower 28. “Poison ivy is natural.”

No creative marketing gimmicks or gimmicks here: Tower 28 is the only makeup brand to adhere entirely to the National Eczema Association’s ingredient-free list. Additionally, the brand’s hero product – SOS Daily Rescue Spray – worked so well on Liu’s skin (which she describes as a combination of aging and dryness due to her eczema) that she completely stopped taking all steroids. both topical and oral.

Liu’s minimal beauty routine is all about one thing: her self-acceptance. As a first-generation immigrant (her parents were from Taiwan in the 1970s), a mom, an entrepreneur, and someone battling a skin disease, Liu believes that beauty doesn’t match value.

“I think about it a lot with my daughters, where I don’t want them to feel like ‘if I’m beautiful then I’m good’. It should be so much more.”

Read on to discover Liu’s best beauty picks.

Tower 28 SOS Save.Our.Skin Daily Rescue Face Spray

SOS Spray

It is simple but powerful and contains only three ingredients. (Photo: Sefora)

Designed for everyday use, this fragrance-free spray promises to soothe the skin and minimize redness. Its not-so-secret ingredient, hypochlorous acid, is naturally produced by our immune system as the first line of defense in response to bad bacteria.

$ 28 at Sephora

Colored sun foundation SPF 30 Tower 28 SunnyDays

Tower 28 SunnyDays

Perfect for warm weather and days with minimal coverage. (Photo: Sefora)

Liu’s daily routine includes light coverage and for that she relies on the SunnyDays Tinted Foundation, which also has SPF 30 sunscreen. This ridiculously popular product had a waiting list of 2,500 people (that’s a lot for a small brand!) Even before its launch – and it sold out in two weeks. Don’t worry – it’s back in stock now.

$ 30 at Sephora

Mara – Natural Algae + Moringa Universal Face Oil

Mara universal face oil

This moisturizing oil is perfect for aged skin. (Photo: Amazon)

Liu’s routine also consists of an oil formulated with seaweed and moringa, Mara Universal Face Oil. The mixture, which he uses both morning and evening, “blocks everything”.

Bonus: it’s available on Amazon.

$ 40 on Amazon

Hanahana amber vanilla shea body butter

Hanahana Beauty Shea Body Butter

Decadent, rich and wonderfully scented. (Photo: Hanahana Beauty)

On days when Liu wants to be more indulgent with her skincare, she takes Hanahana Beauty Amber Vanilla Shea Body Butter.

“It’s so good because the storyline is incredible,” he says. “It’s incredibly nutritious, it smells good, it’s 100% natural and my skin really loves it.”

$ 30 at Hanahana Beauty

Topics like the butter mask

Like the topicality of butter

True to its name, it feels like butter on the skin. (Photo: Sefora)

Another favorite moisturizer is Topicals Like Butter Mask, created specifically for dry or eczema-prone skin.

“This product is really super softening, super moisturizing,” he enthuses.

$ 34 at Sephora

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