Thompson Valley girls lacrosse snatch seventh straight win convincingly – Loveland Reporter-Herald

The Thompson Valley women’s lacrosse team wastes little time. With no intention of making an opposing team affirm, the Eagles of manager Kaila Stassi took to the field with the aspiration to crush an opponent’s chances as soon as possible.

Saturday afternoon at Ray Patterson Stadium, the opening objectives of the televised competition were achieved without too much difficulty as the Eagles No. 3 Class 4A built a comfortable lead over the Horizon before most fans took their seats.

Simply put, gold and black’s ability to step the accelerator pedal out of the gate allowed the hosts to achieve victory no doubt one could ask for against a respectable foe. Eventually, TV upped its campaign score to 7-1 after a 20-6 win.

“Everyone must want to earn the win,” said Stassi, his team now 3-0 in the 4A North League. “And that’s what they did. They show up for each other and immediately hunt down. I always tell them that if you want to earn this game, you have to get up fast. And this begins the draw with the energy you bring onto the pitch. They got it today. “

The Eagles’ ability to get off to a fast start is a product of the team’s ability to accumulate ball possession and dictate the pace –– shown seamlessly on Saturday.

Using precise passes close to Horizon’s net to produce promising chances early and often, Stassi’s group jumped 4-0 in an instant lead as the Hawks failed to pick up their first shot attempt until they were six minutes have already passed.

And the high-flying Eagles didn’t give up from there after quickly putting the match on the ice during a time that ultimately saw the TV rush into the locker room with a 15-3 lead.

“The trust the girls have in each other helps to come out well,” Stassi said. “These girls have something completely unique. And it’s how they trust each other and the camaraderie. “

Spreading offensive love at an unbelievable rate, the one-sided deal meant TV demonstrating its player-to-player chemistry to virtual perfection.

Notably, eight different Eagles scored on Saturday when second-year Rory Carr (five goals), senior Alex Brock (four), junior Ryann Durrett (three) and junior Anna Greco (three) contributed substantially to the offensive outburst. Additionally, Brock and Durrett each scored four assists.

Eddie Herz / Loveland Reporter-Herald

Thompson Valley junior Erin Chartiert shoots at the net as the Eagles host Horizon at Ray Patterson Stadium on April 9, 2022. (Eddie Herz / Loveland Reporter-Herald)

To say the least, the TV’s giant offensive offensive seemed the part of scoring at least 16 goals for the seventh straight game. Above all, the cohesive offense boils down to the palpable sense of unity of the TV.

“I’ve never been on a team with better chemistry,” described young Aidan Carr. “The chemistry is crazy. We love. And we all come from different schools which I think is pretty special because we don’t stay together all day but we play together every day. So I think having fun together is just a big part of that.

In light of the return of various contributors from a 2021 squad that marked the program’s first state 4A semi-final appearance, the Eagles have started the current campaign with high wishes.

So far they have certainly lived up to the hype amid a seven-game winning streak in which the Eagles outperformed their opponents with an average of 10.6 goals after losing their first game of the season at Poudre School District No. 1.

While post-season is still a long way off, TV looks set for another deep rush.

“We are very hungry for it,” said Carr. “I think we all believe we can do it again. Last year it was great, but no one expected us to do it. We had faith in ourselves, but now we have the confidence of the community and of ourselves. So I think we can go pretty far this year. “

Eddie Herz / Loveland Reporter-Herald

Thompson Valley junior Chelsea Drollinger work on the pitch as the Eagles host the Horizon at Ray Patterson Stadium on April 9, 2022. (Eddie Herz / Loveland Reporter-Herald)

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