This is Jada Pinkett Smith’s exact breakfast, lunch, and dinner – eat this not that

Jada Pinkett Smith has always been an icon, but recently the actress made headlines with an Oscar slap to defend her honor from none other than her husband Will Smith. Smith apologized to Chris Rock after the accident, but now all eyes are on Jada and we have to say that, accident or not, Jada was beautiful that night.

The actress has long been known for keeping fit, but that emerald gown really highlighted her slim figure and toned legs. So what does Jada eat to look so beautiful at 50?

Well, Jada recently made some changes to her diet, including eliminating gluten. “Once I got rid of gluten, I started realizing how happy I became,” she told Red Table Talk. She also shared that she stopped eating eggs, chicken and oatmeal.

Jada feels better than ever after eliminating these foods: “Now I wake up in the morning ready to go, happy, let’s do it,” she said in her interview with Red Table Talk. So we know what Jada doesn’t eat, but what does he eat?

Read on for the star’s signature breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and check it out later 16 celebrities share how they make oatmeal.

bowl of cabbage

Jada’s favorite breakfast was oatmeal, chicken, and cabbage, so she had to make some adjustments to her morning meal. She said Essence who always tries to incorporate “a lot of vegetables” into her diet, so after cutting out other foods, she leaned even more on vegetables. She posted a video on Facebook enjoying leafy greens: “Just a bunch of cabbage. This is breakfast, baby!” she said. Jada often skips her kale with sesame seeds to add a hint of flavor. She then she will complement her cabbage with an herbal tea. She shared a video on Instagram with the caption: “There’s nothing like sipping lil tea … I just like the herbal type☕️😜”.

sweet potatoes and vegetables

Although the actress no longer eats gluten, she said Essence which sticks to “healthy carbohydrates”. So a typical lunch for Jada might be a sweet potato, mixed greens, and a serving of nuts for protein. After learning from the Red Table Talk episode that olive oil is considered a “gut-healthy” food, Jada likely incorporates it into her midday meal as well, whether for sautéing vegetables or dressing her potatoes. . Throughout the day she stays hydrated drinking Just water, a sustainable and recyclable company founded by her son Jaden. She posed with water in an Instagram reel with the caption: “Come on @ just water … let me spend this Monday 😆”.

salmon salad

Dinner will be quite similar to lunch for Jada. She doesn’t get too creative with her meals because of how she was raised: “I probably had the only West Indian grandmother who couldn’t cook,” she said. Essence. “She was a bad cook, and she taught me that you don’t eat for taste, you eat for food.” Jada could make a green salad with cashews or peanuts and grilled fish on top, such as salmon.

bowl of fruit

Jada now looks for gut-healthy foods when she’s in the mood for a snack. The Red Table Talk episode recommended berries, bananas, and plums for good digestion. Kiwis have also been mentioned, but Jada didn’t seem very fond of the fruit itself. However, she could mix it into a fruit smoothie, obviously sugar-free like you said People who does not eat sugar. “I would have a spark of happiness for a second, the rest of my day was crap,” she explained. Now Jada only sticks to natural fruit sugars.

Former Smith family private chef Kathleen O’Brien-Price, nicknamed “Chefleen” by the Smiths, has some smoothie recipes in collaboration with Harlem Cycle. They vary based on fitness goals, but since Jada has stuck to a fairly consistent fitness routine over the years, she’s likely to drink the “build muscle” shake before or after workouts. The blend contains bananas, cocoa drops, mint leaves, almond milk, spinach and cashew nuts.

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