This easy Orange Carrot Cake recipe is all you need

This incredible cake features tender carrot flecks in an orange-scented, ultra-moist batter. It’s not just the combination of oranges and carrots that make this cake shine, warm cinnamon scents the batter and vanilla perfumes the tangy cream cheese frosting. It’s a sweet, lemony cake with a rich, silky glaze. Carrot Cake Nirvana.

Carrot cakes are traditionally made with oil instead of butter. Why? Oil keeps carrot cake moist and lasts for days (if not devoured on day one). It also helps with tidying up. No electric mixer is required as we don’t aerate butter by whipping it with sugar – a technique used to create a lighter, more tender cake. And trust me, this carrot cake is going to be perfectly light and tender anyway.

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