The story behind Gwen Stefani’s new makeup line, GXVE Beauty

Gwen Stefani has never been shy about her love of makeup. The nine-time Grammy Award-winning singer and author has long been known for her signature winged eyeliner and bold red lips, and in many ways, her iconic look is what helped her stand out early in the year. career of her. She is now officially part of her career, thanks to the recent launch of her new makeup line, GXVE Beauty.

“GXVE took more than three years of work, but I feel I’ve been preparing for this moment all my life,” explains Stefani. While most of the world may have only been introduced to her makeup skills in the late 1990s, however, her relationship with beauty began long before her. “I was a make-up artist behind the counter at Borghese and Ultima II,” she says of her work in high school at the Plaza Sportswear Mall in Anaheim, California. “I had no training; They just opened it up and told me to do a performance, and I was like, ‘Really? I’m here now?'”

And when she broke into the music scene and joined No Doubt, the band she would soon see her first success as a singer with, Stefani’s time behind the counter proved invaluable. Unlike other musicians, she hasn’t opted for some famous make-up artist to help her prepare for each show; instead, she put on her own makeup for every performance while she was on tour with the band.

But even as her beauty looks became synonymous with her identity, on stage and off, Stefani never thought of pursuing the business, even though she debuted with the LAMB and Harajuku Loves clothing lines, she started to act and has lent her face to several beauty brands as an ambassador. In fact, it wasn’t until 2016, as she was going through a divorce and the challenges that come with it, that the singer began considering launching her own makeup brand.

“I wanted to pick up the pieces when my life and family fell apart,” he recalls. When it came to finding the next big project and her next chapter of hers, Stefani knew it had to be something she felt incredibly passionate about and, soon enough, her response was clear.

GXVE Beauty builds on her lifelong love of makeup and name, a twist in the way she signs her name: “G” for Gwen and then “X” for a kiss, to the bold and lasting shades, the the brand feels Stefani par excellence. But more than that, it’s designed to share makeup magic with the world. “The products are not only beautiful, they are to execute and feel great while wearing them, ”says the founder. “GXVE is for this amazing community of makeup lovers who find inspiration and confidence in the looks they create and share them with the world.”

The brand, launched at Sephora and on its website in early March, features eight product categories: quad eyeshadows, waterproof gel pencils, ultra-fine brow pencils, sculpted brow pencils, a moisturizing face oil, a liquid lipstick. matte, a satin lipstick and matte lipstick. Prices range from $ 21 to $ 48, and the makeup boasts totally clean ingredients.

“I look at GXVE in the same way an artist looks at his color palette: each product puts art in your hand,” says Stefani. “Everyone should have the ability to enjoy bold, clean makeup and feel good about themselves. This is what I hope GXVE is for everyone. “

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