The secrets of creating content from top influencers and the future of beauty technology revealed at Venus Future Aesthetics

Influencers and content creators gathered at Venus Future Aesthetics to review their non-invasive treatments and artistic beauty solutions, as well as to gain insights into the future of beauty blogging and content creation during their exclusive cocktail party held last year. March 25, 2022.

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Venus Future Aesthetics is the first aesthetic clinic to host a party and face-to-face meeting for local influencers as they served as a platform and outlet for content creators to learn from the top rising stars of Tiktok, Instagram and Kumu. The event was honored by over 40 influencers who were looking to gain insight into the future of beauty blogging and content creation through digital age superstars.

Future Aesthetics of Venus
Ayn Bernos talks about Personal Branding and Finding Your Niche

“With content creation, you don’t have to limit yourself to one thing, but you have to make it clear who you are and then you’ll find your niche.” Ayn Bernos, the guest speaker and a content creator with millions of followers on Tiktok, known for her content on trust, education, and empowerment, shared her insights on how to establish your personal brand on social media. She has also shared extremely valuable tips for generating meaningful content along with growing and sustaining your niche and personal brand.

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Yen Ipapo talks about how to create relevant content

Yen Ipapoentrepreneur and presenter, shared the microphone with Gellimae Obena, actress and commercial model, both with half a million followers on their social networks, to join the discussion and share their secrets and hacks to leverage content to stay relevant on social media between the digital noise.

Future Aesthetics of Venus
Gellimae Obena is all about knowing your rates as a content creator

Along with the important discussions and insights from the speakers, Venus Future Aesthetics also presented its innovative treatment machines that will redefine the traditional approach in beauty treatments, allowing you to undergo non-invasive face and body transformations, gaining confidence in services. today’s advanced aesthetics.

The guests were all very excited to see and review the treatments at Venus Future Aesthetics during their live demonstration. Some of the crowd favorites were HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound), Vacuum RF, and EMS Sculpting (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), all of which are non-invasive procedures for face and body slimming, as well as laser therapy. for hair regrowth, for hair and scalp care.

Guests were thrilled to see the effects of these treatments visible during the demo. Venus Future Aesthetics is truly shaping the future of beauty technology in the Philippines with its advanced treatment machines, embodying the model of the future of beauty: non-invasive and effective.

Ecstatic to learn more about this new premier aesthetic clinic that is taking the digital world by storm? Your future beauty starts here:

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