The “Princesscore” makeup is a dream beauty trend for “Bridgerton” lovers.

If you’re a fan of the show, you already know what this week’s highlight is: Bridgerton is back. And that means so are the iconic princesscore makeup looks from the series. Also known as TikTok’s beloved style owl (whose hashtag has amassed 119.6 billions views), dollette, (308.7 million) and regencycore (20.7 million), the imaginative aesthetic is the embodiment of the romanticism and femininity of a period piece and draws inspiration from the royalty of past centuries and their more modern interpretations – think Sofia Coppola Maria Antonietta or of course Bridgerton. Now, princesscore has managed to influence everything from home decor to contemporary fashion trends (examples include pastel tulle dresses, dainty blouses, lace … or literally anything from the Reformation). In the realm of beauty, it has resulted in a resurgence of “no makeup” – looks that create an ethereal complexion via convertible cream blush and liquid highlighters, not heavy contouring or coverage.

Lynda Pearce, Bridgerton ‘S. The first season makeup artist tells Bustle that this beauty trend is all about embracing one’s natural beauty, so it involves minimal makeup, the opposite of the over-the-top glam seen on. Euphoria. In fact, makeup artist Molly Thompson-Tubridy believes minimal makeup is having a moment Why of Regencycore’s stark contrast to the campy looks of the HBO series. “Some days it’s fun to pack glitter, and others it’s fun to create a dewy, flushed and subtle look like [you see on] Bridgerton,” she says.

Ready to try princesscore makeup for yourself, especially now Bridgerton Is season 2 here? Read on for expert advice on how to master an internally glowing and flushed complexion from home to home.

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1. Prepare your skin

As with any makeup trend, the secret Bridgerton beauty lies in having an adequate base. “Skin care is vital,” Thompson-Tubridy tells Bustle, adding that much of the ethereal glow makeup is known for comes from one’s natural complexion. Your professional advice? Cleanse with and / or use products that contain vitamin C, as it helps brighten the skin and heal pigmentation. “So use a nice moisturizer, like Kiehl’s Ultra Face Cream, as it helps with the dewy glow,” she says. (And, of course, don’t forget SPF.)

Pearce agrees, pointing out that a hydrated complexion is the key. He also suggests allowing all basic products to settle into the skin before applying anything else.

2. Protect the skin with the primer

After preparing the skin, Pearce suggests applying a primer formulated for your skin type. “Primers are a great way to maintain makeup longevity, but it’s important to know your skin type so you can choose the right products for your skin,” he tells Bustle. For example, if you have hyperpigmentation or redness issues, Pearce recommends using a redness-reducing primer like this one from Smashbox. Oily skin types can benefit from a mattifying primer, while dry complexions can opt for an extra moisturizing formula.

That said, Pearce specifically used OLEHENRIKSEN’s Banana Bright Face Primer to create Daphne Bridgerton’s look in Season 1, followed by MAC’s shine control primer on the areas most prone to greasiness. If you’re looking for a more neutral product that offers an illuminated glow from the inside, however, Thompson-Tubridy suggests using a luminescent primer that also works as a natural highlighter, such as Glossier’s Futuredew serum. “It will help prepare the skin for a dewy finish and leave you glowing,” she says.

3. Apply foundation and concealer

While Pearce specifically used Chanel’s Vitalumier Aqua foundation, Bobbi brown eye concealer and Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Éclat illuminating concealer pen in by Bridgerton season one, you can master an ethereal complexion with similar products (including those from the pharmacy). Pearce has only one tip, no matter what you choose: “Use the polishing brushes to make sure your makeup is light and blended,” he says, adding that any “thick” or full-coverage makeup will be too heavy. “If you need more coverage in some areas, keep it in those areas only,” he continues.

Basically: when it comes to Bridgerton beauty, less is more: it is better to treat blemishes than to apply excess coverage.

4. Use the convertible cream blush

When creating that all-important Regencycore color on your cheeks, Pearce recommends using a cream, not a powder blush. “The creaminess gives you a dewy complexion and improves cheekbones in a natural, flushed way,” he says. Thompson-Tubridy agrees, adding that because the aesthetic is so minimal, the only true “color” you can see comes from the cheeks and lips. Therefore, both Pearce and Thompson-Tubridy recommend Stila’s Convertible Dual Lip and Cheek Cream, although you can use any convertible pink color you have on hand. Then, once the eyes and lips are completed, work the color towards the temples and eye area for a romantic and monochromatic yet soft makeup.

Alternatively, you can opt for Pat McGrath’s new Eye, Cheek, and Lip Trio, which was literally created in collaboration with Bridgerton. Since this is a powder, Thompson-Tubridy suggests using makeup sponges, polishing brushes, or fingers when applying. “This helps to blend and allow more movement with the products, while some brushes can create a more ‘defined’ look,” she says, reiterating that anything “defined” is the antithesis of by Bridgerton natural approach to beauty.

5. Set with powder and highlighter

Finally, if you truly if you want your complexion to shine, you can set your makeup with a translucent fixing powder, then highlight the cheekbones to make them stand out. “You have to know where the light will hit your face to show that gorgeous glow,” Thompson-Tubridy tells Bustle. Her advice? To keep the makeup aesthetic minimal, you should opt for a highlighter shade that closely resembles that of your blush. He particularly loves the liquid highlighter from Rare Beauty in Mesmerize and Pat McGrath’s Bridgerton highlighter for work.

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