The new program aims to provide haircuts for job seekers through 2nd Chance

The Guelph woman behind the initiative is looking for local hairdressers willing to lend a hand

Some job schedules can help prepare candidates for job interviews with interview tips, but this one wants to help by giving them a new haircut.

A new program is in the works to provide free haircuts to men and women looking for work through 2nd Chance Employment. The idea is that volunteer hairdressers will cut the hair of 2nd Chance Employment clients.

In addition to haircuts, the program also provides basic skincare or interview makeup tips for anyone interested in learning more.

Deanne Blackwell is behind the idea for the program and recently contacted 2nd Chance Employment. As a beautician and makeup artist for over 20 years, Blackwell said a haircut can make men and women feel much better.

“It’s something that simple, but it makes a huge difference, and that’s what they need. They need that confidence and they need that feeling of feeling good about themselves to show up for an interview and get that job, ”Blackwell said.

Currently, the potential program is looking for hairdressers interested in volunteering. Interested residents who can volunteer can contact Blackwell at

“I’m open if it’s something that’s done maybe every couple of months when they get a new group of people. I’m not sorry, but I’m waiting for a response from 2nd Chance to see how they want to proceed with this, “Blackwell said.” Ideally, it would be great if we had two (hairdressers), but if we could have one, we would accordingly with that and we would plan them “.

Adds your own level of trust and presence are part of any job interview.

“I want men and women to feel appreciated and that they can, because attending any interview is about your presence and safety, and if your hair hasn’t been cut for a while and no one has ever talked to you about skincare. base or on a light application of makeup, then it’s pretty easy not to feel good about yourself, ”Blackwell said.

“What I hope is that these tools give them power and a sense of confidence, and they know that someone cares about them and someone wants to help them get this full-time job or even a part-time job.”

Part of Blackwell’s interest in working with 2nd Chance stems from his back-to-work experience.

A former spa owner, Blackwell suffered an accident in her business, causing the top of the four bones in her foot to break. She said she initially expected to recover from the accident in six weeks and to maneuver with crutches.

“I didn’t understand the severity of the breaks, because the surgeon gave me 15 screws in place to hold all of these bones, so I was in a cast for six months,” Blackwell said, “and I lost everything. I lost my job, my home. , the car, all just because my income ended up as my business.

“So, the process of starting from the bottom and having nothing was felt. I remember how she felt about a haircut, I remember just buying a stupid tube of felt lip gloss. It’s not a big deal, but when you have nothing, it’s a big deal. “

Now much better, Blackwell said he felt he could help others who were in a similar position to his.

“I’ve always believed in giving something back to the community, and I think everyone, no matter where you live, everyone needs a hand and I’m really excited about it.”

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