The most reliable beauty ingredient for skin and hair

We are sure you know that aloe vera is a plant that also has medicinal benefits. And what’s more is that this plant is a much loved beauty ingredient that has been around for centuries. As a medicinal plant rich in essential nutrients, it detoxifies the body from within and also aids digestion and strengthens immunity. Considered a miracle ingredient in the beauty world, aloe vera gel is used to improve skin and hair. Beauty experts swear by the ingredient as it has been shown to be beneficial for enriching the skin and hair and is a must-try option for dealing with the beauty issues that result from rising summer temperatures.

In addition to the many products available on the market for skin and hair that are infused with aloe extracts, applying aloe vera pulp directly to the skin and hair is also beneficial. It can be added to face packs along with other useful ingredients such as essential oils, honey and yogurt.

Getting the pulp from the aloe vera plant is an easy process. If you have a houseplant, cut a fat stem of the plant from below. With a knife remove the thorns from the edges and scrape off the gel. The gel will keep for a long time if stored in the refrigerator. Use this coolant on your skin and hair as often as you like. Either apply it directly or use it in DIY packs.

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5 benefits of aloe vera for skin and hair

1. Anti-aging properties

Consuming aloe vera juice in the morning increases collagen levels in the body. The high level of collagen in the body is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Following this on a daily basis will reduce wrinkles and the first signs of aging along with detoxifying the digestive system. Aloe vera absorbs toxins from the body to provide healthy skin.

2. Reduces acne and blemishes

Aloe vera has antibacterial properties that reduce the production of acne-causing bacteria. With its anti-inflammatory characteristics, aloe vera also helps reduce swelling. So, if a painful pimple is applied with aloe vera extract, the pain and redness are reduced. With its healing properties, aloe vera can help treat even acne blemishes.

3. Soothes sunburn

We cannot stress enough that aloe vera has calming properties. So, applying aloe vera gel to the skin in the summer is a great idea. Aloe vera, in addition to soothing the skin from sunburn, also acts as a surface layer of the skin to protect it from sun damage. It is also rich in antioxidants that prevent moisture from escaping from the skin.

4. Conditions The hair

Aloe vera is treated as a natural hair conditioner. It moisturizes the ends of the hair improving their texture and also adds volume to the hair. Being a natural chemical-free ingredient, aloe vera also cleanses the scalp and restores the shine of the hair strands.

5. Reduces dandruff

With its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, aloe vera helps reduce any type of scalp infection. Dandruff is the result of a dirty scalp, unwashed hair, and dead cells built up in the scalp. Aloe vera gel or juice cleanses the scalp and reduces the appearance of dandruff.

Aloe vera gel has numerous other benefits as well. It can be used by any type of skin and hair. But people with sensitive skin can face itchy or mild burns. We recommend that everyone do a patch test before applying the aloe vera gel directly to the face.

Consult your dermatologist to learn about your skin and hair before introducing the ingredient into your beauty regimen.

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