The kid ends up looking like David Bowie in Labyrinth after the do-it-yourself haircut

A two-year-old girl was “left to look like Friar Tuck” after she “scratched” herself with her hairdresser mom’s scissors, then had to show off Labyrinth’s David Bowie 80s bun as her unruly curls regrown. Chloe Hope managed to indulge in her first DIY haircut after grabbing the scissors – usually tucked up and out of reach – that had been placed on a countertop while her parents were decorating.

Mom Jo Hope had gone to the bathroom for “about a minute” to brush her teeth and was horrified to go out and find the proud little girl clutching her tufts of hair and claiming that she looked “pretty”. The then two-and-a-half-year-old had cut the top of her previously shoulder-length blonde locks to a 1cm-long circular patch on her head, earning her the nickname Friar Tuck.

Hair stylist and color technician Jo, 31, spent weeks covering Chloe’s head with headbands and hats in a desperate attempt to hide the mess as her hair grew back. Chloe’s self-administered cut left her rocking a mullet two months later, looking just like David Bowie as the Goblin King in the ’80s cult classic Labyrinth.

Chloe Hope remained as David Bowie in Labyrinth (Kennedy News and Media)

Jo, from Durham, County Durham, said: “It was just a normal morning, I was getting ready and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I had been in there for no more than a minute and when I got out of the bathroom jaw dropped.

“I saw her with a handful of hair, very proud of herself, saying ‘Mommy look’ and she was pretty. She practically had a short circular lock of hair on her head. She liked it, thought it looked great, I was mortified.

“Being a hairdresser I felt some pressure [to sort it] but unfortunately all we could do was let it grow. She literally scratched herself so I called her Friar Tuck because she looked like him and when she grew back she looked like David Bowie [from Labrynth]. “

Chloe indulged in the DIY haircut in July 2018 with bewildered mom Jo who took the mullet shot in September 2018. She pinged the photo to her huge David Bowie fan dad who jokingly took her. he urged to keep the surprising “doing, claiming it looked” cool “.

David Bowie in Labyrinth

Jo said, “It passed by Friar Tuck, then it evolved into me having my Goblin King at home. This was literally the headboard. She had bathed the night before, she had gone to bed, she was. got up the next morning and that was what it looked like.

“I took that picture specifically for my dad because he likes David Bowie. I said ‘there you go, you have your own little rock star’. He actually wanted us to keep her hair that way because he thought it was beautiful.”

Jo didn’t initially see the funny side, blaming Chris Hope, husband of 31, civil servant, for moving his scissors while decorating and admitting that “it could have killed him.” Jo said: “My hairdressing scissors are in a case and are usually on top.

“We were doing some decorating work, so they were put aside with all the decorating stuff. My husband didn’t want them to be stowed with decorating stuff, so he moved them, not realizing they were within his reach.

Chloe after her DIY haircut (Kennedy News and Media)

“When it happened I knew Chris had moved my scissors, I went crazy. When he got home he was a little shocked, but he found it pretty funny, on the other hand I could have killed him.

“I started seeing the funny side later that day. I called a friend of mine because I was panicking. She has two little ones close enough the same age as Chloe and she recovered. She just laughed and made me hear. better”.

Chloe, now six, has managed to regrow her long blonde locks, but Jo says she had to style her hair around her face after the DIY disaster. Although she had to tame her curls as they grew back, Jo says the hairstyle genes are clearly present in her family and she believes the family has a budding barber in her hands.

Jo Hope (Kennedy News and media)

Jo said, “Her hair is now down to her butt. But if you look very closely I have had to style the hair around her face because it is not yet as long as the previous hair that was left but is coming into it. Like a hairdresser. I rate his skills with 10/10 scissors, absolutely fantastic.

“It was a nice close cut, she didn’t even get hurt in the process. If she doesn’t become a barber with that shearing skills, I’ll be surprised.”

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