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One of the most unexpected beauty trends right now is the rise in popularity of hemp derivatives, which are gradually becoming an important ingredient in cosmetic products.

From treatment oils to face serum, day and night creams, Ayurvedic body butter, eye creams, lip butters, cleansers, face masks and lip colors – hemp is experiencing a great moment.

Brands such as SoulTree, Lotus Herbals, Colorbar, Khadi Essentials, Nykaa Beauty and The Body Shop India have launched a range dedicated to hemp for customers.

Everyone wants a piece of cake

With a growing demand in the beauty, personal wellness, medicine and nutrition industries, the use of organic hemp seed oil has increased. Experts claim that hemp improves hydration, restores and protects the skin from harmful external elements.

Samir Modi, founder and MD of the beauty brand Colorbar spoke to DH about the Vita Hemp range (serum, moisturizer and face oil).

“Hemp is beneficial for softening the skin, reducing acne and anti-aging. There is a big misconception that hemp is intoxicating and can make you addicted to it. Hemp oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds. of hemp in omega-rich culinary oil, and no content can be harmful to you. “

The last few years have seen the emergence of hemp as a food, beauty ingredient, sustainable textile choice and an elixir of general well-being. The industrial hemp market is projected to increase at a 34% CAGR from $ 4.6 billion in 2019 to $ 26.6 billion by 2025, informs Nitin Passi, joint chief executive of beauty brand Lotus Herbals Ayurveda SoulTree. .

“The use of hemp seeds dates back to 2000 BC. The plant is one of the therapeutic herbs of Ayurveda and is a trending ingredient in 2022, touted as a trillion dollar crop.”

“The multirole excellence of hemp as an Ayurvedic as well as organic ingredient, the changing market and our commitment to bring contemporary Ayurvedic beauty and wellness solutions that are organic, ethical, sustainable and productive for our consumers have prompted us to launch the range of SoulTree Ayurvedic Hemp for youthful radiance and the Lotus Organics + Hemp Youth Glow range of skin care products. “

SoulTree hemp range. Credit: SoulTree

Permitted for use in India

Hemp is a cannabis variety with some natural variations in its phyto composition. Recently, in a historic FSSAI Gazette for industries that depend on hemp or industrial hemp, and its by-products were included as food allowing for the exploitation of food safety in the skin care industry.

“It contains many health beneficial cannabinoids,” said Shreedha Singh, co-founder of the beauty brand Khadi Essentials. She informs that the hemp used in beauty products is low in THC (a chemical that gives the psychotropic effect) and is safe.

“In the Eladi Triphala and Hempseed TAC range, we have body polish, face polish, body oil, face highlight and sunscreen made with hemp seed oil and these products are quite popular.”

Speaking of the legal amounts allowed in beauty products, Shreedha states, “It is legal to use CBD up to 18% for internal use. It has no side effects, nor is it addictive. The US FDA approves that hemp has less than 0.3 per percent THC.

Hemp also contains over 115 cannabinoids that are beneficial for skin and health. A common myth is that hemp is addictive, but the botanical sativa cannabis strain used in our products is high in non-addictive CBD (cannabinoids). “

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