The evolution of Selena Gomez’s hair, from long layers to her new bangs

From bleach blonde locks to long beach waves to derriere, Selena Gomez is no stranger to experimenting with her look … and mine completely biased opinion, lover of rare beauty, obsessed with Selena: there is really nothing that the Latin tycoon cannot accomplish.

From first appearing on the scene at a young age through Disney’s nostalgic show, Barney & friends, the Texas-born star has almost dominated since then. With record success (in both English and Spanish), cult TV shows and movies, its most recent launch of the mental health platform, and of course its award-winning Rare Beauty range of beauty products, it could really be retiring today. and still be considered one of the most successful at doing so.

During her many years in the spotlight, the multi-spelled has often opted for her natural look: espresso-colored locks of any length. And even though she recently revealed that she hasn’t been on social media for over four years (seriously), she still managed to break the internet several times with a new “do.”

Below, Bustle has rounded up Selena Gomez’s best hairstyles. You are welcome.

The super sweet return to the past

With sweet, bright eyes (and around the time she was starring in Disney), Gomez shared an adorable snapshot from her childhood. Naturally structured and carefree youthful, I couldn’t help but include this moment in the roundup.

The classic Sel

For much of Gomez’s career, her brunette locks rarely strayed from this subtly highlighted brunette cut and color of the 2014 era. Super long and full of enviable volume and texture, this look will forever be a tried and tested classic. Wizards of Waverly fan.

The ultra-angular cut of medium length

Seen swinging a rare side part (where are all my stans in the middle part?), Gomez shared this iconic deep angled cut in 2015.

Thumbs straight

Super straight and draped down her exposed back, Gomez was stunned on the red carpet of the 2015 American Music Awards.

The Undone, Beachy Waves

Blissfully natural and (certainly) making me miss the sunny days spent by the ocean, the singer showed off a healthy mid-length cut with voluminous, chin-length bangs in Spring 2019.

The honey-colored brunette

Seen with serious length and gorgeous volume, Gomez shared this sultry shot in November 2019. Her dark locks were expertly lightened into a sun-kissed honey hue, which perfectly matches her tanned complexion.

Flirty and structured curls

Perhaps one of my all time favorite looks, the I lose you to love me the singer’s dark brown eyes peered through the soft brown locks of this seriously French girlish chic cut.

The Bleach-Blonde Dream Girl

While much of the world was on complete lockdown due to the * virus that must not be named *, Sel opted for an entirely new look with bleached blonde locks, choosing to have her low-maintenance dark roots peek out. Though the exceptionally light look lasted for much of 2021, she soon dyed her hair in her favorite brunette shade.

The elegant and brilliant Lob

In early 2022, Gomez looked all glamorous and casually exquisite with a clean cut lob, with a slight curl at the ends. *The kiss of the chef. *

The Bob that creams the shoulders and the extravagant bangs

In early April 2022, Gomez casually released a stunning photo that debuted her sensually tousled new cut with the cheeky caption: “Who’s New Hair?” And while I typically find myself craving a freshly cut bangs or dramatic shoulder-skimming bob when I’m going through some sort of personal crisis or emotional turn (someone else?), I’m seriously convinced the look will be the inspiration for it. everyone’s haircut for spring and summer seasons, especially as it somehow bridges the gap between being playfully young and elegantly mature.

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