The controversial designer who designs with human parts | of Mentoni | April 2022

How far can you go to get what you want?

Arnold Putra with his son’s back purse. | source

IIIt is reasonable that we all want to stand above others in whatever art we indulge in, but how far should a stylist go to achieve that feat? Although many people opposed his fashion style of him, Arnold Putra claimed that what he did was simply promote his work.

Arnold Putra is a very wealthy Indonesian fashion designer and is very proud of his work. Along with a passion for innovating new clothing designs every day, Arnold visits tribes from around the world to learn about their culture. But this man here wants more than to learn the way of life of others.

Arnold Putra made controversial headlines several weeks ago after bragging about his then most recent design. Even though there are millions of beautiful materials out there, Arnold chooses to use a child’s spine for his handbag along with an alligator’s tongue. The image above has come under criticism on the internet, and Arnold Putra has equally shared the same fate.

Arnold’s jacket designed with human ribs. | source

As I said, Arnold Putra is not willing to learn about the life of people all over the world, especially in Africa, he is interested in the unique things they can offer him in exchange for fake beauty products of his creativity. He is very interested in human bones, so he could mold them into beautiful designs to satisfy his thirst for beauty products par excellence. Plus, he even brags about it on social media.

In addition to the diabolical handbag made from a child’s spine, Arnold also added a jacket whose buttons were made of human teeth, gloves designed with human bones, jacket lined on the front with rib cage bones.

One of Arnold’s tweets about his handle. | source

It’s just an accusation that no one is serving yet, but the evidence points to Arnold, Brazilian police are said to have recovered a load of a human hand and placentas bound for Singapore, ordered by Arnold Putra himself. This was a raid on the premises of Amazonas State University (UEA) in Manaus.

Also according to the report released by the police, the organs were recovered from an anatomy laboratory and were preserved by an anatomy professor using the plastination method.

The head of the university filled in with the police to begin investigating the professor and those who worked with him. Trafficking in human parts is a serious crime in most countries, especially Brazil, which has sentenced many to prison.

As expected, Arnold, via his lawyer claimed that everyone thinks he is the devil, has stated that his creations for the past five years have been his personal projects and he never intended to monetize them.

He added that the only outrageous fashion designs he ever produced were the bag with the baby’s backbone and another garment embellished with a human rib cage. She claimed to have purchased these bones from a medical supply in Canada with his license from him and none of them were taken from any tribe in Asia or beyond.

Arnold then expressed his disappointment to the public at accepting fictional facts in the name of tainting his reputation in Indonesia and other places that perceived the value of his art.

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