The best fruit No. 1 to prevent bones from aging, says a new study: Eat this, not that

When you eat fruit, you may be aiming to satisfy a hunger-related craving for sweet or are looking for a quick, healthy snack.

While apples and oranges are always a delicious choice, not to mention grapes, bananas, strawberries and blueberries, you may want to consider taking plums regularly if you want to feel younger and stay stronger man. as you age. This is because, while both tasty and affordable, prunes can also seriously benefit your bones, according to a new study.

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bowl of plums

Research conducted by the Integrative and Biomedical Physiology Program and the Departments of Nutritional Sciences and Kinesiology at Pennsylvania State University, presented at the American Physiological Society’s Experimental Biology 2022 event, looked at postmenopausal participants who ate zero, six, or 12 plums each day for 12 months.

Ultimately, Janhavi Damani, MS, the first author of the study, explains, “Our findings suggest that consuming six to 12 prunes per day may reduce pro-inflammatory mediators that may contribute to bone loss in postmenopausal women.”

Damani adds that this tells us that prunes could be a promising nutritional intervention to prevent increased inflammation.

“Fruits and vegetables that are rich in bioactive compounds such as phenolic acid, flavonoids and carotenoids can help protect against osteoporosis. Plums, in particular, contain polyphenols that can reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, both of which contribute to bone loss. “, Kelsey Sackmann, MS, RD owner of Kelsey P. RD, says Eat This, Not That !.

Sackman adds that plums “have many nutritional benefits such as minerals, vitamin K, phenolic compounds and dietary fiber, all of which may be able to help counter some of these effects.”

Sackmann further notes that “Although prunes are known for their superfruit status, keep in mind that they can be high in sugar. Pay attention to portion sizes and try a combination of prunes with a fat or protein to prevent a sugar spike. in the blood”.

As for how to make prunes a regular part of your diet, Sackmann says, “Prunes are such a portable and convenient snack and you can enjoy them at any time of day. Put some prunes in your favorite mix, add them on top of your salad. or even sprinkle them on top of your yogurt. “

Beyond that, Sackman notes that you can “try adding prunes to your pizza with rocket, roasted pumpkin, red onion, mozzarella and balsamic vinegar.”

For something sweeter, “pass the frozen raspberries, plums, and yogurt for an easy frozen yogurt dessert.”

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