The best free apps for exercises and weight loss

My friend Dave just finished an Ironman triathlon, which is something he and I definitely don’t have in common and we almost certainly never will.

And as fit as he may be, he once told me something I’ll never forget: “I know I’m going to gain like 15 pounds over the winter. I accept it and then resolve it in the spring.

I always thought it was an excellent attitude. Instead of scolding yourself for putting on a few pounds during the winter months, just accept that it could happen and get back to work when the weather starts to improve.

And if you’re like me, someone who really likes it softly, slowly, get comfortable Get In Shape – You should check out these great free apps. They’ll help kickstart your slimming spring and won’t leave you too sore to come back for more.


If you hate running as much as I do, you won’t hate the free C25K app.

The idea, if you’ve never done a 5K couch program, is that slowly but surely you can run 5 kilometers (about 3 miles).

Assuming you haven’t run 5K all winter, you’ll be happy to learn that this is an eight week program that alternates between walking and jogging. You start off by walking a lot and doing some jogging, and the relationship is more jogging oriented every week until you run all the time.

Each session lasts about half an hour, whether that’s the case or not, so it’s not a big time commitment and if you find the challenge of a given week too difficult, do it again the next week. I myself am a huge fan of the third week.


If I had to guess, I suppose the whole “secret” behind the free and excellent FatSecret app is that a healthy diet is probably just as important as exercise for weight loss, if not more.

This is a simple and easy to use calorie counting app that offers many features: a food diary, a barcode scanner for recording packaged food, a collection of recipes, a weight chart, a diary and a handful of other goodies.

It also integrates with exercise tracking apps to automatically log your workouts. This has to be the whole diet And exercise that people always talk about.


If you can’t find a training program with Darebee’s free site, you’re not putting in enough effort.

This is an essential resource if you want to focus on a particular problem area or if you want to follow a 30 day challenge where everything is ready for you.

The site offers one-time workouts, downloadable PDF programs, and month-long targeted challenges, each with a filtering system that lets you choose the type of workout, difficulty, and areas of interest.

There are also handy meal plans and recipes. It’s all 100% free and backed by donations – no premium accounts, no upsell, just fitness.

Yoga for beginners

As the name suggests, the free Yoga for beginners The app (iPhone, Android) is a good way to dip your big toe into the yoga pool.

You will have access to short workouts (about 10 minutes) that are easy to follow and won’t force you to play Twister with one person without mats.

It is useful to understand if you are someone who practices yoga or not, without much initial commitment. Even if you’re just some kind of stiff after spending the last few months indoors, this is a good, low-impact way to unwind.


If you were wondering what all this fuss about intermittent fasting is all about, take a spin with the Zero app.

It’s a simple yet effective app that introduces you to intermittent fasting by monitoring your fasting sessions while telling you what’s going on inside your body during each phase of a fast.

Aside from the fasting timer, the free version adds a diary, lets you view your personal stats, and showcases a useful library of resources to better understand the science behind fasting.

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