The best fashion schools in Spain

We look forward to carving a niche in our future career choice. we do not? While it is true that choosing a rewarding career is a very tiring job, today’s competitive market scenario also includes various choices that further complicate things. Among so many career opportunities available today, fashion design has quickly gravitated to the popularity charts for many reasons. From exploring your creative base, to producing versatile designs, to working with big leagues, fashion design offers many opportunities for young aspirants.
So, if you are thinking of joining the big leagues in the fashion industry, this is probably the right time.

Here are some of the renowned institutes in Spain that help you enter the fashion world and advance your career prospects the right way:

  1. LCI Barcelona
    LCI Barcelona is a very renowned fashion design school that has earned an international reputation. Located in Barcelona, ​​Spain, the institute was founded way back in 1928 and each year has more than 800 creative professionals pursuing a career in the field of fashion design. With a close relationship with large companies and other institutes, the school is renowned in the fashion world and is also every student’s first choice.
  2. Velez For School of Design and Fashion
    It is yet another highly reputed institution in Spain for fashion design. Since its founding in 1958 by Sagrario Velez Perea, the school has maintained its position as one of the best colleges in the country. From best-in-class training to quality teaching, institutions house it all. Along with this, all these years the school has consistently met the market demand, making it the first choice for any candidate who cherishes the dream of becoming big in the fashion world.
  3. IED, Barcelona
    IED Barcelona started in 2002 and hasn’t looked back at the institute since. Currently, the college serves as one of the leading locations in the country for learning how to design fashion. With both national and international accolades, the school inculcates creative experimentation in the courses along with the keys to design. The opportunities for proactive collaboration between the world of design and the real world are what makes the institute different from the rest, thus prompting many applicants to enroll in the school.
  4. Marbella Design Academy
    For all those who want to move forward in the field of fashion design, this institute is a good choice. Located in the southern part of Spain, the Marbella Design Academy is recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education for its professional excellence. In addition to imparting high-quality knowledge to applicants, the college also aims to cultivate artistic skills and individual creativity. In addition to meeting the growing demands of the current market need, students also have the opportunity to collaborate in an intercultural atmosphere and work on design projects for better career prospects.
  5. ESDi School of Design
    If there is one institution that has made a name for itself in fashion design, it is none other than ESDi. For nearly 30 years, the college has been able to maintain its position as the center of the project at the forefront. From managing fashion, audiovisual, graphics and interior design, the center has a production record of the best professionals every year. Whether it is academics or a multidisciplinary environment, ESDi is one of the best institutes to pursue fashion design in the country as it is equipped with both cutting edge technologies and digitization of textile design which is a fundamental requirement of the current market.
  6. ISA fashion school
    ISA Design School is a great choice for applicants who want to carve out a career in the fashion field. One of the renowned schools for studying fashion design in Spain, ISA excels in the field of vocational training. From styling clothes, to scaling and sewing, the college completely addresses the new fashion techniques that exist on the market today. If it’s the best design school you’re looking forward to enrolling in the country, then ISA offers you the opportunity to go big in the industry with the most advanced training.

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