The best Butch fashion of 2022 came from the WNBA Draft

Today is a ridiculously sad day because today is the day that after 25 years of independent feminist media, Bitch Media announced its closure.

I keep trying to find the words and I keep failing.

Weird as in F * ck You

WE BETTER WANT YOU TO GET BOTH IN THE WASHINGTON POST BECAUSE IT’S A BIG DEAL, CRY FOR HER, YES I SAID IT SCREAM TWICE: I’m transgender. I will not get an X in my passport. “The State Department should make sure that trans people don’t have to go out alone at the airport.”

Disney heir Charlee comes out as Trans, slams the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

This beach in Mexico is an LGBTQ paradise. But can it last? “The city of Zipolite has become an oasis for the homosexual community. But as popularity grows, some fear the spirit of the city is starting to fade. “

Syd’s new love story. “The new album by the singer and producer, Broken Hearts Club, eliminates the hedonistic visions of her previous work.” We have a piece in the works for you on Syd’s new album, due out later this week!

Who is Dove Cameron? Let’s find out. Two things: 1) I can’t stop playing Dove Cameron’s very weird and sexy “Boyfriend” even though at my very old age, I’m not his target demographic – he’s so fucking good, and 2) If you squint, there is some interesting stuff here about the assumptions people make about femme cis women “passing” for straight

Special Edition: WNBA DRAFT DAY

Less than ten years ago Brittney Griner dared to wear a dress for her WNBA Draft Day and the world stood still. But damn, you look how far we’ve come now …

Damn Henderson, Indiana fever

Emily Engstler, also with Indiana fever

Kierstan Bell, at the Las Vegas Aces

Nalyssa Smith, once again at Indiana Fever, officially thinks now the gayest team in basketball

No, but seriously, look at all this swag, the unaltered drop, I might cry:

If you follow the WNBA for sports not fashion (shock, I know) – here’s a summary of yesterday’s process, but honestly I get all my WNBA writings from Natalie, and you should too.

WNBA Draft Day also came with (still scarce) updates on Brittney Griner in Russia and what the league is doing to get her home as quickly as possible. It is absolutely impossible to look at joy and not have Griner weighing a lot. She has changed the culture for so many. The people in these photos? They are children when Griner first put on her dress. CHILDREN! It is called inheritance. Get home safe and sound, BG. ❤️

I saw this, I thought of you

Heather wanted to make sure everyone living in New York City had this very comprehensive information: Anywhere you can donate clothes in New York

Why American teenagers are so sad

Political snacks

The White House says loan repayments will resume “sometime”. LOL OKAY BUD, let’s delete them at this point! You clearly don’t need it and we could all use the relief.

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