The best breakfast recipes to start losing weight, dieticians say: eat this, not that

Choosing the right breakfast to start the day can be tricky, especially if you don’t know which healthy breakfast to look for. And while it’s convenient to take something on the go, or even skip the meal altogether, these factors can be hindrances to your goal of trying to lose weight. However, numerous dieticians claim breakfast is an essential meal for weight lossso it is important that you try to add it to your day.

If you don’t know what to do in the morning, we spoke with members of our medical expert committee, The Nutrition Twins, Tammy Lakatos Shames, RDN, CDN, CFT and Lyssie Lakatos, RDN, CDN, CFT, to give us some healthy and nutritious options. that will help get the ball rolling on your slimming journey. So, for more helpful tips, check out these 25 Healthy Breakfast Habits to Start Losing Weight.

Healthy blueberry pancakes
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

Thanks to Greek yogurt, eggs and cottage cheese or low-fat cottage cheese, this breakfast brings out all the high-protein stops to start losing weight.

“Getting adequate amounts of protein helps keep appetite in check by balancing hormones,” says The Nutrition Twins. “Wholemeal flour and wild blueberries add fiber for even more lasting satisfaction.”

An added bonus is that wild blueberries contain antioxidants that play a crucial role in the battle against inflammation, something that makes weight loss more difficult, the Nutrition Twins point out.

In most cases, pancakes can provide more calories than needed during the combined breakfast and lunch. However, these particular pancakes serve up the ideal weight loss macronutrients, rich in protein and satiating fats.

Check out our recipe for protein-rich blueberry and ricotta pancakes.

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Healthy breakfast 4 ingredients
The twins of nutrition

This breakfast is essential for staying full with few calories. An important part of starting weight loss is preventing hunger (and the overeating that comes with it) with minimal calories.

So what’s the “most satisfying breakfast for weight loss?” They are only 4 ingredients; cinnamon, berries, whole grains and eggs!

“The naturally sweet cinnamon combination, which has been shown to reduce body weight and belly fat, helping to prevent obesity—[as well as] The antioxidant-rich, low-calorie berries, which have been pointed to as a possible treatment for obesity-induced inflammation, provide sweetness without the need for sugar that promotes inflammation that makes weight loss more difficult, “says The Nutrition Twins.

The breakfast also includes whole grains that satisfy carbohydrate cravings without overdoing the calories and protein-rich eggs that contribute to the benefits of satiety.

A study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition also showed that when subjects ate eggs for breakfast (compared to equal-calorie breakfasts that contained cereal or croissants), they ate fewer calories throughout the day. Additionally, studies have found that breakfasts that include eggs can help control hunger for 24 hours.

Get the recipe from The Nutrition Twins.

Vegetarian yogurt parfait
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

Who said you can’t have “sweet” for breakfast? Any breakfast that is nutritious and healthy, but at the same time feels like a decadent dessert, immediately has an edge in the weight loss department. This sweet and creamy breakfast that looks like a treat won’t let your taste buds wander. It also helps prevent deprivation that leads to falling into the path of healthy eating.

“Yogurt consumption is associated with a smaller waistline, lower body weight, body fat and body mass index,” says The Nutrition Twins. “Greek yogurt has extra protein for an added satisfaction benefit.”

Plus, with three different types of berries in this breakfast, it helps fight obesity as larger amounts of fruit have been found to reduce weight and promote a healthy lifestyle, including increased physical activity and reduction of sugar and fat intake.

Discover our recipe for a healthy yogurt parfait with fruit and muesli.

Healthy breakfast smoothie
The twins of nutrition

This recipe really helps in achieving your weight loss goal, as it is the perfect recipe for anyone in a hurry.

“Many weight loss aspirants derail when they are in a hurry to breakfast and quickly choose a calorie-dense, fat, fast-food breakfast,” says The Nutrition Twins. “This blender-and-go recipe has all it takes to start your weight loss day successfully.”

The smoothie contains a high protein-to-calorie ratio, which means it gives you a lot of satisfaction and fullness for a relatively small number of calories. It is rich in water and potassium to help restore normal fluid balance and help eliminate swelling from excess salt or sugar.

The cyanidin-3-glucoside (C3G) antioxidant from blueberries, a phytochemical that has been shown to reduce appetite while improving fat metabolism, decreases hunger by increasing leptin, the hormone that helps regulate energy balance by inhibiting hunger. As it does so, it also increases adiponectin, a hormone released by adipose tissue that helps with insulin sensitivity and inflammation.

Nutrition Twins also recommend adding a generous amount of lemon because it contains powerful polyphenols, micronutrients found naturally in plants, which can help suppress body fat buildup and prevent obesity.

Get the recipe from The Nutrition Twins.

Healthy scrambled eggs with salmon asparagus and goat cheese
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

Another great breakfast meal for weight loss, each serving requires two whole eggs, which are very high on the satiety index list, a tool that ranks different foods based on their ability to satisfy hunger.

“The less hungry, the less likely you are to overeat, so it will be easier to lose weight,” says The Nutrition Twins.

They also point out that the amino acid, asparagine, in asparagus acts as a natural diuretic, a water pill that will instantly help you lose excess weight and swell.

Salmon is an omega-3 rich fatty fish that fights the inflammation that promotes obesity and may have additional weight loss and belly fat benefits.

“Replace smoked salmon with fresh salmon to reduce carcinogens, in addition to sodium, which can contribute to water weight gain,” says The Nutrition Twins.

Get our recipe for healthy scrambled eggs with salmon, asparagus and goat cheese.

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