The beauty products Jenna Rennert swears

Welcome to I swear on this, a series of interviews where we talk to our favorite fashion and beauty insiders about the beauty products they use to the last drop. This week, we asked Jenna Renner to share all the products she is loving right now.

“I definitely prioritize skin care products that do it all,” says beauty and fashion expert Jenna Rennert. “One-stop shop moisturizers are ideal when you literally only have five minutes for yourself in the bathroom.” Since she held the title of beauty editor in Rowing for seven years, Rennert is used to a busy schedule; but put a five month old baby in the mix and things can get a little hectic. “I’m the fastest at home to get ready and just do a quick clean, usually with a cleansing balm, like Elemis or True Botanicals, or an oil (my favorite is from Sekkisei) before stroking my SK-II essence. “

When it comes to makeup, Rennert’s ethics are similar: “I find myself looking for easy, on-the-go essentials,” she says, adding that Nudestix beginner blushes and bronzers are great for those short on time. “I love to rub the sticks on my cheeks and eyelids and polish them. It all takes less than a minute. ”Below, Rennert shares more skincare, hair and makeup products that he can’t get enough of.

Photo: Courtesy of Jenna Rennert

Persian gel

“I’ve been using it since I was a teenager, I swear it can cure any pimple overnight. I have a bottle in literally every skin care bag; I never get on a plane without it ”.

Clean and clear

The concentrate

“The Concentrate is one of those all-star products that isn’t necessarily the most popular, but it seriously helps relieve the redness and inflammation of my skin and is the ultimate makeup primer. Plus, it smells like lavender. “


Moisturizing Sea Cream

“I love using Crème when my skin is dry or very dry. I know I can always count on it to transform my skin to supermodel state in hours. I’m also obsessed with adding it to my foundation – my best kept secret that may not be so secret anymore, ah!


Goodnight Glow Bakuchiol Sleep Cream

“I’m passionate about an effective nighttime skincare routine – it’s the best time to hit the reset button for our skin. This cream is an essential part of that routine for me. It’s made with bakuchiol, a plant-based alternative to retinol, and is a fantastic exfoliant. It gives my skin an insane glow when I wake up in the morning. No jokes. It is usually sold out, so my advice is to take it while you can! “


Pillowtalk eyeliner

“This is not your typical eyeliner. It is an eggplant color with a hint of magenta. I was nervous when he first applied it to my lids a few years ago, but oh. My. God. It looks pretty weird for everyday use, but trust me when I tell you, it will make you and your eyes look completely awake.

Charlotte Tilbury

Essence for face treatment

“I don’t go a day without using my essence. When I was a publisher at Rowing, I interviewed Cate Blanchett and was blown away by her skin. She told me her secret was a magical little bottle of Pitera essence, so of course I took a bottle and never looked back. It just makes your skin brighter and happier.


Breathable body lotion

“I have been using Nivea for as long as I can remember. We always have a huge supply at my house and whenever friends and family come, someone inevitably always brings a bottle home.

“A huge bottle costs about $ 5 and gives your skin so much hydration. It smells so clean and doesn’t interfere with the fragrance layered on top of it. I love the breathable formula because it absorbs immediately (meaning you can put on a pair of super skinny jeans a few minutes after application). “


Invisible sunscreen SPF 40 PA +++

“Growing up in Miami, I learned the importance of sunscreen from a young age; it is a non-negotiable. I love this sunscreen. It looks great, alone or under makeup. “


Rouge Coco Ultra Moisturizing Lip Color in Cecile

“At all times, I have at least three or four lipsticks stuffed into my bag. My favorite of the moment is Chanel’s Rouge Coco in Cecile. It’s the perfect combination of pink, mauve and brown and goes well with a nude or completely glam face.

“I’ll introduce you to my all time favorite makeup, for those who need to look good in a pinch. I dab lipstick (always dab! Never crawl!) On my lips and apply the excess to my cheeks and eyelids. Voila: they were put together in literally ten seconds.


Eau de Parfum vanilla tobacco

“This is my classic perfume. All my friends know me for this perfume, I’ve been wearing it for ten years. I always have three more bottles on deck because I am petrified that one day it will be cut off.

“I love sprinkling this perfume in my hair and on my scarf in the fall or winter. For warmer days, my favorite is Frederic Malle’s Musc Ravageur – it’s a lighter, more feminine version of tobacco. I started wearing this fragrance when I met my husband; he will always remind me of a fun weekend we spent together.

Tom Ford

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