The beauty brand SUGAR Cosmetics surpasses 2 million followers on Instagram

Cult favorite premium beauty brand SUGAR Cosmetics, started the month of March with a bang, surpassing 2+ million on Instagram.

Founded in 2015, SUGAR Cosmetics hosts a range of beauty products specifically curated by beauty experts that encompass the broad scale of Indian complexions and complexions. After passing the 1 million milestone in 2019, premium beauty SUGAR Cosmetics brand has surpassed 2+ million on Instagram in less than 2 years since then, proving to be one of the fastest growing beauty brands in India.

One of the key factors he attributed to SUGAR’s success was its use as an influencer marketing and generating hype on social media. From the start, the brand understood how essential it is to prioritize value-based content shared on social media pages. Thanks to the commitment received, SUGAR Cosmetics has begun to understand where the interest of its followers lies. By generating content that is as educational as it is attractive to look at, the brand has now managed to make its Instagram page interesting for anyone looking for ways to enhance their beauty game.

Keeping innovative campaign ideas at the center, the brand pioneered a creative Valentine’s Day Instagram filter called “Wheel Of Love” which was a huge success and garnered over 338.4 million impressions. In addition, on the occasion of Women’s Day, SUGAR Cosmetics launched the #WhenIAmReady campaign which saw over 5000 participants including Vineeta Singh, co-founder and CEO of the brand.

Vineeta Singh, co-founder and CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics said, “Although the journey from 1 million to 2 million has been an exponential journey, there have been many lessons along the way. Extremely grateful to our digital family for reciprocating our love and efforts towards them. I strongly believe that social media is a powerful tool for educating the masses about makeup rather than just focusing on offers and promotions. This has proved to be a push for us to continue doing the same! “

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Resha Jain, Head of Content Marketing at SUGAR Cosmetics added: “Exceeding 2 million followers is like a pat on the back for a job well done! At SUGAR we make sure we tap into one of the largest influencer networks with which the our audience connects and also feels a sense of similarity. We make sure that our audience learns something new from the content we offer on our Instagram page and that no questions or concerns remain unanswered. Our customers are everything to us; it is they who determine the success of our brand and recognize our true potential, for which we are truly grateful.

SUGAR Cosmetics’ presence on other social media platforms has also grown and evolved at great speed. The brand’s YouTube page also experienced tremendous growth this year reaching half a million subscribers. Twitter on the other hand has also had great engaging growth and comes in at 23.3K +. Brand strategies for each social media page, whether it’s LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram, differ by platform, which makes engaging their followers interesting.

To celebrate this milestone with their digital audience, the brand hosted a huge contest on their Instagram page for 10 lucky winners and received a huge response.

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