The beauty behind the brushes: the JTAC

Tarleton’s alumni turn a passion for makeup into a thriving business

What began as a seemingly fleeting hobby has turned into a thriving business opportunity for Tarleton alumni Baylee Bradley.

Bradley has dabbled in the makeup industry since she was very young. Around the age of 15, before she could even attend prom herself, Bradley picked up her brushes and began to explore her passion.

Only at the age of 16 was she able to test her skills at her first marriage. This is where his love of her for the wedding industry was born.

Despite being nervous about how young she was at the time, Bradley used this experience as one of the building blocks for the rest of her future.

“I had a love of bridal makeup from the very beginning, so that first experience confirmed to me that I could really do it. I look back at the photos and {the makeup} was actually pretty decent. That’s where it all started, ”said Bradley.

Bradley’s talents aren’t limited to weddings and proms. She has made makeup looks for various events such as formal ceremonies, sorority events, graduations and so much more. In addition to these services, Bradley also acts as a traveling makeup artist.

“I am willing to travel as far as anyone needs me. I did weddings several hours apart and worked on a wedding in Florida, ”Bradley said.

During his time at Tarleton State University, Bradley earned a bachelor’s degree in economics with a minor in management. From there, she began her full-time career as a nanny. However, this hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her passion.

Bradley officially launched her Instagram business account in October 2020 and has been able to enhance her beauty ever since customers also sharing his journey with potential customers.

“I was reluctant to start an Instagram because there is so much it takes to have social media. My page has only been active for a few years, but I’ve been wearing makeup constantly since I was 18 when I started working at MAC as a freelance artist. I started wearing makeup more seriously when I was about 17 or 18, “Bradley said.

A typical busy season for Bradley is putting on makeup for a party with up to 10 girls. Recently, her wedding parties are made up of about five or seven women, including the bride, her bridal party, and the mother of both the bride and groom.

In recent years, she has seen her calendar fill with various clients who have deemed her worthy of helping them shine on their special day. Additionally, Bradley has worked on weddings in every location in the Weatherford area.

Within the next year, Bradley hopes to see an increase in the number of clients he books during the busy wedding season. His goal of hers is to work on as many weddings as possible with the hope of booking her weekends whenever she can.

Although Bradley doesn’t currently have a booking website, potential customers can message her directly on her corporate Instagram account for information on travel, pricing, and all booking needs. For information on Beauty by Baylee, visit her Instagram @beautyby_baylee.

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