The artists accuse Chinese fast fashion company Shein of stealing the models

At least two artists have accused Chinese fast fashion company Shein of stealing their sticker designs, joining others who say the controversial online retailer plagiarized their work.

Janie, an artist with the TikTok username @berrycutestudio, who has 166,500 followers, said in a now viral video last month that the cow stickers she created were sold on Shein’s website.

“Give the little Shein artists a break,” the user wrote in the caption, along with hashtags including #stolenart and #arttheft.

In the video, he shows a sticker with a character he drew – Bella, a cow with strawberries on her head – before showing a webpage that appears to be Shein’s website that sells stickers of the same character. On Janie’s website, a single sticker retails for $ 3.50, while Shein charges $ 1 for 44 cow stickers.

TikTok’s video amassed 2.1 million views and generated more than 2,400 comments, many of which said they’ve already seen it happen with the fashion retailer. “Omg, I’m so sick of SHEIN. They keep taking pictures and pictures without asking,” wrote one user.

This month, Janie said in an update that Shein’s cow character sticker list had been removed, although she still hasn’t “received a proper response from them.”

Meanwhile, graphic designer Danny Brito claimed in a TikTok video in February that one of his mirror decal designs had also been copied by Shein.

In one clip, Brito shared a yellow decal with the words “[screaming internally]”- a reference to the popular meme – was being sold on Shein’s website.

“You might say to yourself, ‘Danny, it’s just some letters. How can they copy them?'” He said in the video, which has more than 23,500 views. “But I came up with the idea of ​​turning this meme into a mirror decal four years ago and I’ve been selling it constantly in my shop for four years.”

Brito’s sticker is listed in his Etsy shop for $ 8, while the similar Shein sticker has sold for $ 1 each, according to the clip.

“It’s really a shame when someone like Shein, known for constantly robbing artists, steals my design, steals my income, steals my way to, you know, pay my bills,” he added.

In a separate video released the next day, he wrote: “Still nothing from Shein, no contact, no apology, no compensation.” But the decal is no longer on Shein’s website.

For years, designers and artists have criticized the Chinese company for stealing their work. Last year, Nigerian crochet clothing brand Elxiay accused Shein of copying one of its sweater designs with a shoulder strap pattern and long sleeves.

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Oil painter Vanessa Bowman told the Guardian last month that one of her works appeared on a Shein sweatshirt without her permission.

Despite the controversies, Shein remains popular with young buyers and is now worth $ 100 billion, meaning it’s worth more than H&M and Zara combined.

Insider reached out to both artists and Shein for comments.

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