The Aggie Fashion Club will host the 2022 Met Gala fashion show

Tatiana Favela’s NMSU press release

After years of designing, cutting and sewing pieces together, students at the New Mexico State University Aggie Fashion Club are ready to launch their own creative projects for all to see, producing a positive environmental impact.

The Sustainable Met Gala 2022 fashion show hosted by the Aggie Fashion Club will make its return to the NMSU Aggie Lounge in Corbett Center at 6:00 pm on Thursday 7 April.

With a mission to recycle, recycle and create greater sustainability, students test their talents and create projects using garbage bags, shower curtains, newspapers, water bottles, donated textiles and other items.

“The fashion industry has a history of contributing to some environmental issues around the world,” said Kelley Coffeen, assistant professor of family and consumer sciences and co-advisor to Aggie Fashion Club. fast fashion and not everything is recycled, recycled and transferred to a new customer or customer. Our students are so creative, but also so concerned, which is why we started this work a few years ago. “

“The ideas of the students are amazing.” said Insook Ahn, assistant professor of family and consumer sciences and co-advisor to Aggie Fashion Club. “They think about how we can save our environment and try not to waste any material. They are also learning to manage their time, so through this preparation they will have a better experience. “

The aim of the event is to continue to work to protect the environment and apply it to the fashion design industry, but also to educate the community on the importance of sustainability.

“I really want to be a part of this industry so I can bring about change. I feel like the fashion show allows people to get a close look and gives them a chance to realize where their clothes are coming from, “said Jessica Morales, senior and vice president of Aggie Fashion Club.” A lot of people tend to think ‘I just bought this shirt in a store’, and that’s it. They don’t know where it comes from, and I think it’s really important. That’s what I really want everyone at this show to realize and open up a little bit more to it. eyes so that they can understand the history of all our leaders. “

The Aggie Fashion Club hosted the first sustainable fashion show in 2019 and they envisioned organizing other shows to follow thereafter. However, due to COVID-19, the club had to take a break to host the event for two years.

“Now that we’re starting to do that, I feel really excited and motivated to get this project done. This time we have the opportunity to make it bigger and different than last time, ”said Lara Alvarez, senior and secretary / event organizer at Aggie Fashion Club.

This year, there are more students involved in the show and some are from majors outside of fashion and design merchandising. 35 projects will be presented, including some by students who have already graduated.

“Having this fashion show is just a great creative outlet for students like us to really show our creativity, what we are passionate about, and it’s really amazing to see a lot of people having that kind of outlet and seeing all their ideas come to life.” Morales said.

“We have an extensive program in the state of New Mexico. It’s merchandising and fashion design, so we do both and it really brings everyone together. It helps promote a great opportunity that they will present on campus, ”Coffeen said.

The event is free and will last approximately two hours.

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