The advantages of the CE.way e-shop for cosmetics testing

March 30, 2022

Cosmetic Testing Lab, launched in 2020, makes the testing process as simple as possible

Cosmetic Testing Lab is an online store for ordering cosmetic product testing, the first of its kind on the market.

Launched by CW.way in 2020, the service aims to renew the traditional B2B communication process, which is extremely time-consuming for both the customer and the supplier.

Cosmetic Testing Lab allows a fully automated purchasing process, operating as a standard online store with a list and description of the services offered along with the prices.

The current scope of services covers:

  • Stability and compatibility test;
  • Challenge test;
  • Microbiological specifications test;
  • Patch test;
  • Heavy metal test;
  • CPSR (the only service that isn’t actually a test).

For most of the test services you can choose between various versions. For example, for the stability and compatibility test you can choose between an accelerated test and a real-time stability test, as well as which parameters you want to include in the stability test.

For the challenge test (conservative efficacy test), however, you can choose between the following test protocols: USP51, Japanese Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia, ISO 11930: 2019.

Once you have chosen the test you need, you are asked to enter the name of your product and, if ordering the stability and compatibility test, its packaging volume.

Based on this, the number of samples needed to conduct the test is calculated.

An important feature, which makes the whole process even easier (and cheaper), is that Cosmetic Testing Lab orders and pays for the collection of your samples to your address.

Therefore, when entering billing details and a pick-up location, the user also has the option to choose when they want the samples to be taken.

The last step is to pay for the proofs ordered by credit card and prepare the product samples so that the courier can collect them.

The samples are then sent to the testing laboratory and, once they arrive, Cosmetic Testing Lab notifies the customer via e-mail when the tests will begin and when each test will be finished.

A big advantage is that it is no longer possible to guess when the test is finished. As soon as the samples arrive at the lab, you are notified by email when you can expect results.

The RSPP process

CPSR has a slightly different process, as it is not a test and therefore no product samples are required.

To order a CPSR you must provide some information about your company, as well as some information and tests about your product, such as details on its use, its packaging, label, formula, stability test, challenge test (if applicable ), the physical, chemical and microbiological specifications of the product, etc.

Once provided, the safety assessor at the Cosmetic Testing Lab reviews the documentation, and unless further clarification or documents are required, you can expect to receive the CPSR for your product in a few days.

Cosmetic Testing Lab can be used by cosmetic manufacturers all over the world, not just European ones.

It is especially useful for SMEs who do not have the time to go through the entire process of testing the test lab, negotiating prices, and having to arrange shipments of samples to their chosen lab.

If the user is not sure which tests he needs, there are detailed descriptions of the tests offered on the Cosmetic Testing Lab website, with the option to email Cosmetic Testing Lab or use the chatbot, which, on the based on a series of questions about your products, recommend which testing services you would need.

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Cosmetic Testing Lab is part of the CE.way Regulatory Consultants group, a company that has been offering regulatory consulting and testing services for cosmetics for over ten years, and the tests are performed in an ISO 9001 certified facility in Europe.

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