The 7 best haircut trends of summer 2022 concern the preparation of the chop

With summer just around the corner, chances are you’ll swap your comforter for a quilted blanket, ditch your foundation for a lighter CC cream, and throw your boots on the back of the closet to tuck in your favorite open slides. The transition to warmer weather is what may seem like a sigh of relief after losing those layers, and it rings true for hairstyles too. The question is, when you melt your hair this summer, which style will you choose? Fortunately, the best haircut trends for summer 2022 are offering a lot of inspiration for your next salon date.

Frederic Fekkai, celebrity stylist and founder of FEKKAI, tells TZR: “In general, summer is when people are looking for low maintenance styles, wash and wear because they want to spend their time enjoying the outdoors and the Nice weather”. Explain that low maintenance hairstyles are ones that align with your natural structure and the climate you live in, so regardless of what’s trending right now, don’t forget to prioritize what you and yours are. stylist you think is best for you. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the latest haircut trends.

As Andrew Fitzsimons, a celebrity hairdresser puts it, “Just because it’s low maintenance doesn’t mean it won’t be as chic as possible, it just means it’ll be easier to deal with every day. Basic.” Nai’vasha, an expert on celebrity curls and founder of Curl Queen, even states, “Low maintenance really is the new sexy.”

But summer doesn’t mean all maintenance goes out the window for everyone. Drew Schaefering, Rob Peetoom Williamsburg’s master stylist, explains: “For those who continue to keep their hair shiny in the humid and sticky months, they will still want something that makes it easier. [to maintain]opening up the space for strong lines and beveled edges that hold shape more easily than many layers and textures. “

Whether you’re looking for a low-maintenance pixie cut, or looking for some added layers to your length, here are the seven haircuts these experts believe will reign supreme for summer ’22.

Curly Bob

“A haircut that allows you to look cool while you cool down is one worth noting this summer,” says Nai’Vasha. “The bob [will reign supreme for people with type 3 hair] hands down. You can really flex your texture with a bob. [And] my personal preference for [type 4 hair] is still the bob. What’s cooler than an extravagant bob? “Since curly hair typically has more volume, a curly bob will look like an edgy piece that will go with any outfit. But, really, this hairstyle paired with your favorite black sunnies and a fiery red lip is really all you need to look chic this season.

Round layers

Maybe you are looking for length this season, despite the rising temperatures. Schaefering notes, “[The] ’90’s [are] inspiring some of the longer haircuts we’re seeing, like the newest “round layered” haircut. According to Schaefering, round layers are a cut that “gives a more voluminous shape to the hair silhouette, reducing the amount of volume that hits the bottom of the hair. Some layering patterns make the hair perimeter thinner, which can tend to make the hair collapse, while the round layers are built to soften the shape making it more prone to volume and body.

As this cut removes excess weight from the underside of your hair, you’ll be able to enjoy your long, voluminous locks without feeling too hot during the hot summer. Plus, round layers are great for getting big, bouncy ’90s-inspired puffs that Fekkai says will be in trend this season.

Goblin forever

The pixie stole the show this spring and has established itself as one of the best hairstyles for this summer. If you want to add a touch of chic with little or no effort, Nai’Vasha explains: “I’m the elf on the team. The elf has always been elegant and free. This rings especially true as summer is for shedding as many layers as possible,

In addition to feeling particularly light and airy, many people are opting for this cut, to start over after any persistent hair damage. “What we hear from people with natural type 3 or 4 hair is that they want to take a break from chemicals, extensions and hot tools for the summer, so curly pixies are sure to be on the summer scene,” says Fekkai.

The Classic Lobo

If you missed the chance to dabble in the lob cut this spring, fear not – it’s making its way into the summer too. “I think the collarbone weight will have another time to shine this summer. It’s long enough to retreat into the summer heat, but it’s flattering for so many [people]. A little more texture at the ends opens up styling diversity and can make it playful when desired, “says Schaefering. You can go for a blunt or asymmetrical lob if you have fine or straight hair, or add texture to the tips with a cut. razor blade if you have wavy or curly hair.

Modern shag

A classic shag has been very popular in recent years, with a look that ranges from an almost mullet cut to a mid-length cut with face-framing fringes that blend in layers. This summer, the shag is taking on a new personality: “I think the shag haircut has had a few moments in recent years and is evolving into even longer hair now, as people want to increase the attitude towards theirs. look “, explains Schäfering.

Loc in abundance

The great thing about locs is that you can really do anything with them – whether you collect them in an updo, wear them halfway up or just let them hang naturally, you’ll always look fabulous. Says Nai’Vasha: “I think [in] braids and locks. Fake locs are the coolest trend right now. If you’re looking for dimension this summer, consider adding places of various colors to mimic the highlights.

Birkin Bangs

And with the rise of Indie Sleaze, it’s no wonder why the side bangs and Jane Birkin-inspired bangs are back with a vengeance. Schaefering reveals: “I personally had two people who referred to Jane Birkin’s bangs last week, she’s definitely coming back. I think the curtain bangs will slowly fade, leaving room for people to make a little more of a statement with their bangs. ”Fitzsimons believes there will be an increase in front and side bangs, paired with modern layered haircuts too. for summer.

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