The 5 beauty products ELLE editors are obsessed with this week

Welcome to ELLE’s Empties, a series where editors share the only beauty product they are currently obsessed with in their rotation. Read on for our favorite mild yet effective retinal serum, a great 4C leave-in hair conditioner, and more.

The moisturizer that makes Kathleen wish for a farm holiday in Italy

“Irene Forte’s moisturizer has a really good story. All the raw materials, such as rosemary and pistachio, are harvested from an organic farm in Sicily. It is made of frozen, fresh water from an Italian mountainous national park. If you were to add a cute biodynamic lamb for weeding named Luca, it would all come straight out of that Portlandia farm at the dinner table or a pastoral fever dream – but it’s all real (minus the lamb). And while I appreciate the provenance of Forte’s Aloe Vera Face Cream, what I really like is how soothing and silky it is. Many green moisturizers feel heavy because they are made of heavy butters or oils, which can feel cloying. This has a light and silky feel, packs a moisturizing veil that makes my skin soothed all day and fits well under makeup without pilling. It also checks all the clean boxes, being SLS and paraben free and surprisingly, despite the light scent and botanical base, free of essential oils. The glass packaging also has a nice vanity touch, is printed to look like ceramic, and includes a QR code with recycling information. And yes, the brand also has a charging system “. – Kathleen Hou, beauty director

The hard-working deodorant for Margaux

“I like to shower at night, but take a dance class every morning, so I need a deodorant that makes me feel fresh during each plie and for the rest of my day. The water-based formula is so smooth and leaves my skin really soft (regardless of whether I’m shaving or not) – it’s an easy way to take care of my underarms without having to worry too much. “- Margaux Anbouba, beauty editor

Leave-in conditioner too soft

The hair care line for curly queens like Danielle

“I have tight zigzag curls which are often referred to as” 4c “. I have low porosity hair, which makes it difficult to retain moisture and for my hair to absorb products. 4C only came to my rescue with the their shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and styling cream. I know, I know, I should only pick one product, but I swear the whole line. I often recommend newbies to buy the travel kit; it’s a more convenient way to experience the collection duty choose just one, I opt for the leave-in conditioner. It is a thick formula but it melts well on my hair without weighing it down and quickly revives my curls. The brand also boasts all-natural and / or organic ingredients and simple labeling so that, according to the FAQs on their website, “you can figure out exactly what’s on your hair.” But seriously, try the whole line and thank me later, 4C queens friends! – Danielle James, interim beauty director of

Retinal youth serum + niacinamide

Youth to the people

$ 68.00

Delicate enough retinol for Emily

“I have quite sensitive skin, so I’m often skeptical when adding new products to my routine, especially if it’s a retinol. However, my red, eczema-prone skin LOVES retinaldehyde or retina, a gentler but still effective version of retinol (the strongest you can get without a prescription). This Youth to the People serum has 0.15% stabilized retinaldehyde, which improves texture, dullness and wrinkles, but also includes healthy doses of hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. Ceramides also help the skin retain moisture and it all works together to neutralize the typical side effects of retinol sensitivity (and the common traits of eczema, so beneficial to me) such as dryness or flaking. The bright yellow vegan serum comes in recycled packaging and is free from parabens, phthalates, silicones and sulfates. I started using this product on alternate nights and slowly switched to daily use, which is the strategy I would also recommend to my sensitive skin team. I did not experience any type of peeling, bleeding or redness. When I wake up in the morning after using it, my skin appears brighter and dewy and I have noticed that after using it for a few weeks, my annoying dark spots are becoming less noticeable. – Emily Burns, assistant editor of beauty

Complete Moisturizing Cream for Air Dry Hair

The air drying miracle cream for Tatjana

The idea of ​​being able to air dry my 3A / 3B curly hair is a true miracle. This product allowed me to wash my hair, rub some of this cream on the tips and get on with my day, when I spent hours styling. The combination of hemisqualane and moringa seed oil reduces frizz and has some hold that helps shape my curls. I also like the fact that the tube is made of aluminum which means that when I’m done I can just recycle it. Overall, my hair looks shinier and healthier (and less heat damaged) than it did before. – Tatjana Freund, writer of Beauty Commerce

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