The 10 best hair extensions of 2022, according to experts

For some, the best curling irons and wands will do the trick for getting luscious, long, full locks. For others, it is necessary to follow the path of hair extensions.

Whether you’re going to a wedding (read: the best cocktail dresses and wedding guest dresses), go back to the office (maybe with a pair of work pants or baggy pants) or go to the prom (in if so, order your dress ASAP), some greedy locks might be the key to completing your look.

Fortunately, we have put together a guide for the best hair extensions to buy. We also consulted Priscilla Valles, Celebrity Hair Extensions, who gave us the 411 on everything clip-in, tape-in ​​and more.

“When it comes to extensions, you really pay for what you get,” Valles told the New York Post. “If an extension seems cheaper, it’s probably not the best quality of hair and you’ll be stuck replacing your sets quite often, so it’s best to invest in a good quality set of extensions.”

Valles also has their own line of hair extensions with Glam Seamless if you want the celebrity hair care offer.

Furthermore, we wear extensions ourselves and, after years of use (from the experience of shows and formal occasions), we know them thoroughly. Long story short: they are definitely worth the investment.

Next, find our full list of the best on the market this year. Also, check out our FAQs for styling and maintenance tips.

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How are hair extensions made?

“Extensions are made in different ways, many companies use hair from India because women give up their hair for religious beliefs,” Valles explains. “However, the hair comes from all over the world depending on your supplier and the quality of the hair you want to use.”

After that, the hair goes to the manufacturers to be colored and then tied, which is done in various ways.

How to apply clip hair extensions

To make sure your hair extensions stay in place all day, Valles shares a reference guide:

“Apply clip-in extensions correctly starting with clean sections using a rat tail comb [like this set of three for $6]”, it begins. “If the comb is a flirty comb, it’s even better because you want to backcomb your section. Then, she applies the hairspray on the back of the comb and hooks the extensions; this is the way to apply them correctly to ensure they are safe.

To avoid seeing the clips, especially on thinner hair, make sure you have enough coverage (the section on the top of the head) that rests on the extensions, she adds.

How to take care of hair extensions

After putting on the extensions, close the clips, brush the extensions, put some dry shampoo on the roots and brush them, according to Valles. “I like to keep mine in a silk bag or even a zip lock bag,” he adds. “Wash them every 6-12 weeks depending on how much product is used when you wear them.”

The best hair extensions

1. Sarla 18 “Clip-Free Hair Extensions, $ 11

Sarla 18

As the No. 1 from Amazon, Sarla’s 18 “Clip-less Hair Extensions are simple to apply and stay in place, giving your hair plenty of volume and definition. Available in every shade of hair color you can think of, these extensions they are also customizable from 12 ″ to 22 ″ in size.

2. 18 “Goo Goo Clip Hair Extensions, $ 101, original price: $ 115

Goo Goo 18

If you prefer clip hair extensions to control how much volume and length you want for an occasion, get the clip hair extensions from Goo Goo. Just over $ 100, they’re some of the best qualities we’ve seen available direct on Amazon, available in multiple colors.

3. Irresistible Me Clip-In Hair Extensions, $ 80, original price: $ 140

Irresistible Me clip hair extension
I am irresistible

If you want soft curls without the hefty price tag of sewn-in extensions or bundles that cost upwards of $ 300, Irresistible Me has a nice set that makes your hair full and gorgeous. They are also made of 100% human hair and can dye or apply thermal styling tools.

4. Enter your name here 18 “Ponytail Hair Extension, $ 54

Enter the name here 18
Enter your name here

Finally, the hair extensions Ariana Grande would approve of. This bouncy pony instantly livens up your hairstyle, capable of being banged into a bun if you want a top knot too. Not to mention, the clip-ins are reasonably priced and fully loaded locks.

5. LullaBellz 22 “Clip Hair Extensions, $ 48

Lulla Bellz 22

For maximum length, LullzBellz has 22 “Clip-In Hair Extensions that are just under $ 50. With 11 shades to choose from, you can heat these five luscious locks clip-ins up to 180 degrees for effortless styling. .

6. 100% Full Shine Human Hair Clip Extensions, $ 111, original price: $ 215

100% Human Hair Clip Extensions with Full Shine
Full splendor

As one of the thickest hair extensions on our list, Full Shine has a beautiful set (all strands made up of 100% human hair, BTW) for added volume and shine. Paired with your favorite curling iron or wand, it’s a must have.

7. Donna Bella 14 inch Clip Human Hair Extensions, $ 140

Beautiful Woman 14
Sally beauty

Donna Bella has some of the sleekest clip-on hair extensions that look natural, so we think they’re worth grabbing 100% from Sally Beauty. Paired with the retailer’s best hair products, you are golden.

8. 12-inch Real Pure Weave Jasmine Coil Clip Extensions, $ 165

True + Pure Texture Jasmine Coil Clip-In 12
Sally beauty

For textured hair, you can’t go wrong with True + Pure’s Texture Jasmine Coil clip-in extensions. They are some of the most authentic we have ever come across, they are ideal for that zigzag and curly texture that is difficult to achieve for most hair extensions. Also, look at that volume!

9. 18 “Locks & Mane Clip Human Hair Extension, $ 195

Locks and mane 18
The ultimate beauty

Conveniently offered by Ulta Beauty, Locks & Mane has fabulous hair extensions under $ 200 that make a tangible difference to the look of your hair. The range of shades is also generous, made up of 100% human hair with no need for backcombing.

10. Delves 20 “Clip Hair Extensions, $ 22

Delve into 20

For just $ 22, we don’t really have to see you with 20 “Deethens” clip-on hair extensions. The ends have this beautiful natural wave for everyday use too and are also available in multiple shades to match your natural color.

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