The 10 best cutting boards of 2022 according to reviews

Whether you’re new to cooking and familiar with using your air fryer, or consider yourself a pro and are looking for the best woks to prepare the perfect wok at home, a solid cutting board is a kitchen necessity no matter how often you cook.

Much like your trusty charcuterie boards (which we love for entertaining, entertaining and decorating), a good chopping block is ideal for all your kitchen needs before serving up your finished bon appetit meal on your favorite dinnerware sets.

Cooking just got easier with our 10 favorite cutting board options to choose from. Along with your favorite cookware sets and famous cookbooks (who doesn’t love to cook like Chrissy Teigen?), you’ll feel like a master chef Gordon Ramsay would be proud of.

Smirly Butcher Block cutting board

For a one-of-a-kind, best-selling cutting board, try this two-tone wooden board. This professional butcher block is durable, walnut embossed and makes the perfect gift with the included salt and pepper grinders.

Walnut cutting board
Our place

If you are looking for a quality wooden cutting board with a durable design, there is none other than Our Place. The American black walnut also keeps your knives sharp, and the raised edge helps keep your produce and other cutlery in place while chopping.

Not to mention that we are obsessed with the brand’s Always Pan ($145). Read our review here.

Gorilla Grip Cutting Board (3-Pack)

With nearly 43,000 rave reviews, this three-pack of handy cutting boards is a bargain at just $25. Not only does the three pack come in a range of unique colourways, but the rubber rim is non-slip so you don’t have to worry about your countertop getting dirty.

Smirly Bamboo Chopping Board Set

You can never go wrong with a cutting board set. Complete with an understated bamboo charm we all love and crave, the four differently sized boards paired with six matching utensils make a score for just $26.

Bill.F cutting board made of acacia wood

When chopping, consider a round cutting board that doubles as a sausage board. We love the natural finish that is characteristic of this chopper along with the fact that it makes a wonderful pizza serving platter.

Williams Sonoma end grain cutting board
Williams Sonoma

There is no other name than Williams Sonoma to bring premium cooking appliances into your home. The end-grain cutting board in particular has a beautiful dark finish that’s hard to love. In addition, its richly grained wood is valued for density and hardness.

Williams Sonoma Teak Cutting and Carving Board
Williams Sonoma

If you’re into a natural wood look, Williams Sonoma has a beautiful teak cutting and carving board for your kitchen at a fair price. It’s got that dropped edge that also helps keep your food in place, a feature worth the hook.

Sur La Table Maple Everyday Cutting Board
On the table

The Sur La Table Maple Everyday Cutting Board is practical yet decorative. When not in use, it can be placed vertically next to your backsplash to decorate your wooden cabinets. Just under $50, it’s smart, simple, and made of light wood.

Square chopping board made from recycled wood

Who said cutting boards can’t be showpieces in their own right? Pottery Barn has a luxurious, thick version that’s wonderful for chopping and serving. Plus, the side handle is a nice touch for prep and storage.

BigKitchen Two-tone square chopping board made from natural bamboo

If all you’re after is a chunky block, then the BigKitchen Two-Tone Square Natural Bamboo Chopping Board is for you. With an elevated surface, it’s hard not to appreciate the comfort factor. Bamboo is also a sustainable option that gives you peace of mind with your purchase (along with the fact that it costs less than $25).

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