Hermès Beauty Lip Oil Launch 2022: Hermèsistible Infused Lip Oil

Images courtesy of Hermès Beauty While balms and glosses will always hold a special place in our hearts, there is something special about their unofficial hybrid, lip oil, which takes up space in the purses and pockets of beauty lovers everywhere. To help you achieve the perfect no-makeup look, just in time for summer, Hermès … Read more

Hair extensions, liquid blush and more dominate the latest beauty research: Spate

As the world continues to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions on masks have eased, consumers are currently eager to get rosy cheeks, voluminous hair and pheromone perfumes, a fragrance set to emit attractive vibes this summer. according to beauty trend tracker Spit. Liquid blush The rosy cheeks obtained with liquid blush are currently … Read more

HBO’s “Not So Pretty” reveals how the trillion dollar beauty industry could kill you

Documentaries exploring the intersection of capitalism, branding, social media and identity are about a dozen these days, each regurgitating information you read into a New York magazine article from a few years ago and insisting that we, as a society, are all victims, or at least targets, of some kind of scam. Likewise, the rhythms, … Read more

DIY Cosmetics: What You Should Know and How They Can Help Your Skin

The pandemic, through the closure of shops and various lockdowns and restrictions, has led people to turn to home solutions in many fields, including that of cosmetics. The long-winded formulas were gone, replaced by natural and authentic remedies. Edith Petitet is a doctor of biological sciences with a specialization in ecotoxicology, who has written a … Read more

Mielle Organics expands into Ulta Beauty

The company’s award-winning multicultural hair care products are now available for purchase in all Ulta Beauty stores nationwide and online at ulta.com. “We are delighted to welcome Mielle Organics to Ulta Beauty’s hair care assortment,” said Jessica Phillips, Ulta Beauty Vice President of Merchandising. “The brand has established a loyal fan base over the years … Read more

Ignae eyeing the region’s booming luxury niche beauty market

The Portuguese skin care company has its roots in 2009. It was founded by Miguel Pombo, who previously worked in the cosmetic industry dealing with regulation. Pombo, originally from the Azores, has developed his range of skin care products inspired by the unique biodiversity of the archipelago. The Azores are a set of nine volcanic … Read more

How to navigate a noisy beauty industry

Keeping it simple is often the key to good skin care. But today we’re being offered jaw-dropping choices, from Ayurveda-inspired “natural” skin care products to what looks like a chemistry lab’s entire inventory. Dr. Kiran Sethi, MD, Aesthetics and Skin Specialist at Isya Aesthetics, offers some answers in her new book, sense of skin, published … Read more

Do you have a problem with the “pie face”? Here are some beauty tips that can help

The end of the mask-wearing requirement has allowed many people to return to a pre-pandemic beauty routine, sometimes with heavier or more pronounced makeup. As a result, the famous “cake trick” – or “cake face” – has resurfaced, prompting more experienced TikTok users to reveal their “miracle” tricks to avoid such makeup incidents. Well, here’s … Read more

What 4 beauty experts say today about circular beauty

CosmeticsDesign spoke to four experts on different segments of the beauty industry, research and development, packaging, ingredient supply and consumer interest, how they view circularity today, and how the industry can approach economic theory in practice. Giorgio Dell’Acqua, Chair of NYSCC Many aspects of the circular model are familiar with the sustainability approach, so conservation … Read more

The beauty and personal care industry returns to Paris for cosmetics

The pandemic delayed In-Cosmetics Global by a couple of years. But the largest fair and conference in the world will return to Paris from 5 to 7 April 2022. In nod to the enormous changes that have taken place over the past two years, In-Cosmetics Global will offer an online version from 11 to 22 … Read more