This James Beard recipe is my new favorite way to cook asparagus

There’s spring babyphoto: Claire Nieder One thing I’ve enjoyed about owning a home is finding all sorts of plants—that I haven’t planted—growing around the property. One of those surprises is a bed of asparagus. It’s not a particularly productive asparagus bed, but it’s lovely. Three or four stalks emerge at a time, not enough for … Read more

Rinelle and Agathe take fishcakes to the next level: The Royal Gazette

Fueled Bermuda’s Agathe Holowatinc, left, and Umami’s Rinelle White are teaming up to offer a fish cake masterclass (photo by Jessie Moniz Hardy) Fueled Bermuda’s Agathe Holowatinc, left, and Umami’s Rinelle White are teaming up to offer a fish cake masterclass (photo by Jessie Moniz Hardy) Rinelle White’s family loves to eat fishcakes on Good … Read more

Miser in everyday life: tips to make cooking fun and worthwhile | family

I remember my grandmother saying, “If we didn’t need food, we’d all be rich!” That may be true, but then life without food would be a little less comfortable. Still, there are so many ways to make good food cheap, perishable foods perishable, and the grocery budget stretches like nobody’s business. Enjoy today’s tips full … Read more

Dumpling The Noodle serves delicious meat and vegan dumplings (and noodles)

When Sen Mao booked a one-way flight from Beijing to Seattle, he knew his studies had paid off. Mao was on his way to study electrical engineering at the University of Washington. But before he left, he knew he had one more thing to learn—cooking. Instead of doing what most of us did for dinner … Read more

Why restaurants are abandoning scratch cooking in favor of frozen foods

As the owner of a busy restaurant in the heart of New York City, Stathis Antonakopoulos prides himself on serving freshly prepared food to a loyal clientele. But these days, Antonakopoulos says he’s had to cut corners to keep his Carnegie Diner & Cafe afloat. The best example: For the restaurant’s onion rings, which are … Read more

The risk of heart attack can be reduced by eating avocados, a long-term study finds.

A new long-term study has found that eating avocados greatly reduces the risk of heart attacks in men and women, even when consumed in place of butter, cheese or processed meats. According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death worldwide, with nearly 18 million deaths each year. WATCH THE … Read more

The Eiffel Tower restaurant is working to improve grilled cheese | entertainment

The good god may indeed work in mysterious ways and perform his miracles, but it would be hard to imagine that the work would involve opening a sandwich shop. Josh Caffey understands this very well. “I know this is going to sound strange,” he said, “but everything you see here is a gift from God.” … Read more

COLUMN: Beauty inside is what matters | Lifestyles

Do you have an inner beauty? Think about it. I take a “beauty nap” most afternoons. But even with that and a lot of makeup and probably some cosmetic surgery, I couldn’t, I wouldn’t, be a delusional beauty. However, my precious mother taught me: “Pretty is like pretty”, so I try wholeheartedly to behave myself. … Read more

The Ukrainian and Russian chefs cook for Ukraine

Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, cookbook author Olia Hercules was working on new spring recipes and preparing her tax returns. Hercules lives in north London with her family but grew up in Kakhovka in southern Ukraine, about a two-hour drive from the Crimean border. In her first cookbook “Mamuschka” she collected her family’s recipes: … Read more

KEEPING LOVE ALIVE: I’ve seen beauty | columnists

Like you, I’ve been to several art museums over time and been completely bored to death. A bunch of old paintings of boring old things that people did in the old days; sitting by the lake with their umbrellas, or sitting in a park, or worse yet, multiple portraits of people I don’t even know, … Read more