Pysanky’s Historic Beauty: Rich Tradition Thrive in Eastern European Easter Eggs | News

BLUEFIELD – Coloring eggs for Easter is a fun tradition in many American homes, but there are people who lovingly practice an Eastern European art to create intricate, colorful eggs for the season. Mary Ranae Semonco Bailey of Mercer County is among the people who know the art of pysanky. The root of the word … Read more

The new Mountain series from Bleenko Glass reflects the beauty of WV

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – The Blenko Glass Company holds a special part of West Virginia history, industry and art, and the company’s new Mountain Series is inspired by the beauty of the Mountain State. Based in Milton, West Virginia since 1921, Blenko Glass Company is known for its handmade West Virginia art pieces and collectibles. The … Read more

KEEPING LOVE ALIVE: I’ve seen beauty | columnists

Like you, I’ve been to several art museums over time and been completely bored to death. A bunch of old paintings of boring old things that people did in the old days; sitting by the lake with their umbrellas, or sitting in a park, or worse yet, multiple portraits of people I don’t even know, … Read more

Does a fashion brand also need a logo?

Image courtesy of Bottega Veneta. Recently seen swinging in the arms of the most elegant names in Hollywood and in the hands of the fashion icons of the day, it is the Padded Cassette Bag by Bottega Veneta. Not a logo or pattern in sight, the stunning leatherwork piece speaks for itself in a way … Read more

The Pittsburgh Opera Brings the “Theater of Fashion” to the Runway | Fashion | Pittsburgh

Click to enlarge Photo: Photograph by David Bachman The Pgh Opera 2020 fashion show: Roses and thorns In recent years, Pittsburgh has become a more fashionable city. Many designers across the region are supplying the Pittsburgher with unique hand-sewn or hand-painted items. Stores and boutiques are attracting big names. A city that was once ridiculed … Read more

Kristen Stewart’s tiny Chanel shorts broke every rule of Oscar fashion

In an era of cropped tops and rampant microlights, showing skin isn’t necessarily that shocking anymore. Zendaya has made gorgeous red carpet looks a signature in recent years, so when she wore a Valentino outfit with a cropped blouse and long skirt at tonight’s Oscars she looked almost underrated. But when Best Actress nominee Kristen … Read more

Metaverse Fashion Week attracts big brands, startups

Brands like Forever 21, DKNY and Estée Lauder have joined the first Metaverse Fashion Week, which started on Thursday and runs until Sunday in the virtual world called Decentraland. Digital-only fashion shows have been held in the past, but the four-day event is one of the highest-profile efforts to bring big brands together around or … Read more