Stevie Nicks once said she didn’t own 1 fashion item

Stevie Nicks’ often imitated fashion includes fluffy dresses, shawls, platform boots, and the occasional top hat. The singer specially designed her wardrobe to match her performance style. For this reason, she might incorporate the types of fabrics and accessories she likes. You can also exclude items you don’t like. Nicks revealed there’s one classic piece of clothing she doesn’t even own: jeans.

Stevie Nicks wears a black dress and holds a tambourine and a microphone.

Stevie Nicks | Paul Natkin / Getty Images

Stevie Nicks worked with a stylist to create her wardrobe

After Nicks’ first tour with Fleetwood Mac, he decided he wanted a bespoke wardrobe for any subsequent tours. He based the style on a woman he had seen in Santa Monica years ago. The woman wore a layered skirt, riding jacket and wedge boots.

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