Spring Beauty Trends Our editors can’t wait to shop

IIn case you missed it, at the end of last year, our Well + Good editors projected the upcoming wellness trends for 2022. And as we approach spring and our toilet change skin, our beauty editors have even more seasonal specific insights into spring beauty trends that will be your self-care routine decidedly I want to know.

“Spring beauty typically consists of transforming your routine into a milder climate: fewer moisturizers, more air-dried hairstyles, brighter, more colorful makeup,” says Zoe Weiner, Senior Beauty Editor at Well + Good . “But this year, the trends all seem much more individualized than we are used to seeing. The main theme here is beauty as a form of treatment-like using your routine to empower you to take care of your hair and skin in a way that works for you. “Moral of the story? Self-care is always in.

To get an idea of ​​exactly what’s going to happen in the realm of beauty this season, we reached out to Weiner for her information on all the spring beauty trends I’m looking forward to, along with a full shopping list from Saks Fifth. Avenue (PSA: Saks ha tons of products and free shipping, always) to help you enter the trends yourself.

Keep scrolling for top spring beauty trends to keep an eye on this season.

1. Skin care tools and devices

After the transition to work, training and socializing from home, it was only natural for beauty treatments and dermatologist appointments to follow suit, which has led to the emergence of some level skincare tools. superior.

“When the pandemic put office appointments on hold, people started looking for solutions that would provide comparable results in their bathrooms, such as LED light masks, microcurrent sculpting devices, and vibration therapy tools,” says Weiner. “This increase in home devices has enabled consumers to take their routines to the next level and has shown no signs of slowing even after the reopening of professional services.” (Which we called back in December, for your information.)

2. Functional makeup

The caramel-colored makeup from past spring seasons is out and this spring has been overtaken by makeup that not only looks natural but also supports your natural beauty.

“Instead of wanting a foundation that covers their blemishes, people want a formula that nourishes and protects their skin; instead of wanting a mascara that temporarily lengthens or volumizes their lashes, they want something that conditions and takes care of them too. “says Weiner.

3. Hair care for everyone

Previously, hair care started and ended with products that made your locks beautiful. Now, the emphasis has shifted to products that actually will treatment for your hair (have you seen the theme now?) and the category has expanded to include all types of strands.

“Thanks to the influx of funding for black-owned hair care brands, we are seeing new research and an increasing number of offerings on the market that make purchasing safe and effective products easier and more accessible than ever.” Weiner says.

This spring, look for products that nourish hair from the root (Weiner notes that scalp care is also becoming an extension of skin care) to soothe the scalp, help hair grow and keep it healthy from the inside out. the outside.

4. Skin microbiome

Winter is all about protecting your complexion from the elements, but this spring the emphasis has shifted to a different type of protection: the skin microbiome, which is one of the most important factors in restoring sensitized and sensitive skin.

“We have seen a dramatic increase in the number of people reporting that their skin falls into one of these categories, possibly due to a combination of experiments with the wrong types of skin care and the use of many antibacterial products that remove. skin throughout the pandemic, “he says. The solution? Look for gentle products that strengthen the barrier with ceramides to help restore your healthy skin, without taking anything away.

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5. Skin care that increases longevity

Last but certainly not least, this spring will see the continuation of another trend we called in December: the awareness that it is never too early to start thinking about how to protect your skin as you age.

“With that in mind, instead of looking for products that treat things like wrinkles and dark spots after have appeared, people are looking for formulas to help prevent these problems in the first place, and we’ve seen brands start shifting their product offerings accordingly, ”says Weiner.

From collagen-based cleansers to nourishing oils with a retinol charge, opt for products that provide the one-two longevity effect your glow later in life deserves.

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Top photo: Saks Fifth Avenue / W + G Creative

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