Southern Kitchen’s definitive ranking of the best you can buy

Southerners know that a breakfast spread isn’t complete without a healthy supply of grits. We love our grits creamy, cheesy and — of course — when paired with shrimp. Simple grits are not only a part of any good Southern menu, but they’re also an open canvas that many cooks add their own twists to.

The same adaptation also applies to home cooks. However, before you start adding cheese and spices, you need to know that the grits themselves are great. And who are we to just trust what we see clearly repressed in the grocery store? We wanted to try a handful of different easy-to-find grits to see which are actually the best. Which grits have the best texture and taste overall? Are more expensive, stone-ground groats really worth it? You can probably guess the answer to that last question, but some of our favorite brands might surprise you.

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