Southern comfort sites are uncomplicated, delicious

Joshua Dineen

When I really started cooking, I became obsessed with all the “fancy” dishes. The more complex the recipe, the greater the joy I felt. During culinary school and on my travels, I just wanted to think about food concepts that require complex cooking techniques and rare ingredients. At one point in my journey, eating a spoonful of caviar or a bit of foie gras was nothing like a casual exercise in burning off calories.

My wife and I got married at that time. I had lived and worked on both coasts and experienced and cooked some of the most amazing food that I thought the world had to offer. We were young and in love and I wanted to show off my culinary skills by cooking for her in our first home. I would make these fabulous dishes that we would enjoy. But at some point, she started craving the comfort food she grew up eating.

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