Skinny Confidential Hot Mess Ice Roller Review

I’ve been a fan of Lauryn Bossstick’s Him & Her podcast from The Skinny Confidential for quite some time now. From the best tips and tricks on everything related to beauty and wellness, to financial literacy, productivity hacks and self-reflection, the podcast teaches you so much about how to improve your life. I’ve listened to over 100 episodes and one of the few things Bossstick swears by repeatedly is facial massage. After undergoing two jaw surgeries and dealing with stubborn inflammation and swelling for two years, she realized that facial massage and ice rolling helped her the most.

Facial massage and ice rolling have also become an essential part of my skincare routine. The practice wakes me up and deflates my face in the morning, and relaxes and calms my skin before I go to bed. Bossick advises his listeners to always incorporate moments of self-care into their skincare or shower routines, and the ice roll is the perfect blend of self-care and skincare. Bossick created his face roller after realizing that nothing on the market lived up to his standards, and when The Skinny Confidential Hot Mess Ice Roller ($ 69) came out, I knew I had to try it.

The Skinny Confidential Hot Mess Ice Roller is an all-aluminum ice roller that cools quickly and stays cold longer than most. It has a sturdy silicone handle that is easy to grip and maneuver. The aluminum-based roller is significantly larger than traditional facial massage tools and covers more surface area. There is no weird and annoying screeching noise when you roll. It is easy to clean and maintain: just wipe it with a soapy cloth and rinse. The roller has some weight, adding some pressure for a nice glide, perfect for a facial massage. The roller is smooth and elegant on the skin; you don’t really need an oil for extra glide. But if you want it (why not pamper yourself?), The Ice Queen Face Oil ($ 46), which contains Vitamin C and Vitamin A, is a great option for restoring the skin’s moisturizing barrier.

I bought a fleet of viral rollers, massagers, and beauty tools, from gorgeous jade and rose quartz rollers to affordable and popular Amazon picks. The Skinny Confidential Hot Mess Ice Roller is by far my favorite on the market. It stays pleasantly cool for a longer time than most other tools I’ve used – I can roll my face and neck continuously for about 25-30 minutes before the refreshing cold sensation starts to disappear. In fact, because it holds the cold so effectively, I highly recommend that you simply store it in the refrigerator. If you decide to store it in the freezer, be very careful, as it can be a little too extreme for your skin and cause burns. The ice roller is also quite durable. Semi-precious stone face rollers may look beautiful, but they crack and break if you drop them once. In utter chaos, I dropped the Hot Mess Roller many times and the roller returns to its place without dents or scratches.

I use the Hot Mess Ice Roller at least twice a day for a myriad of reasons – the cold feels refreshing on my skin and the weight roller is perfect for massaging tension. The ice roller helps reduce the appearance of puffiness and puffiness in my complexion, particularly in the area under the eyes. I also use it over tissue masks and under-eye gels to give the treatment a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. It helps to give my face a lifted and sculpted look. The cool feeling of the roller helps soothe irritation, whether from inflamed, dry or stuffy skin and itchy spring allergies. I deal with migraines quite often and the Hot Mess Ice Roller relieves tension headaches and provides cooling relief. It also helps massage muscle tension and neck pain. I also use it to cool the areas I have waxed and threaded. The Hot Mess Ice Roller has so many versatile features and I can’t recommend it enough for a moment of self-care during your skincare routine – and beyond.


Image source: POPSUGAR photography / Anvita Reddy

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