Skin care is a passion for I She Beauty of Solana Beach

With I She Beauty and Health, owner and licensed beautician Irina Shekhtman specializes in self-care and self-love. Located in the Bella Sareena Spa on Solana Beach, she offers a full menu of moisturizing facials, chemical peels, waxing, spray bronzers, detox wraps and makeup applications. Men, women and teens can benefit from her gentle touch and knowledge of her in a relaxing environment created to relieve stress and maximize benefits.

A resident of Carmel Valley, Shekhtman has 17 years of experience working with clients. Born in Ukraine, her family came to America when she was five and worked very hard to provide a quality life for her and her sister. As a single mother, she now hopes to offer the same quality of life to her eight-year-old daughter Alexandra Aspen. The war in Ukraine was heartbreaking for her as while many of her family and friends were able to leave the country, she still has family members living in Odessa.

Shekhtman began her career as a professional makeup artist, working for Christian Dior, YSL and Giorgio Armani.

“As I got older, my passion for skin care grew,” Shekhtman said. He no longer just wanted to hide skin problems with makeup, he wanted to educate people on how to take care of their skin, focusing on providing each client with a very specific regimen that best suits their skin goals.

Shekhtman received her beautician’s license from the Orange County Skin Academy and was trained in the world-renowned sculptural face lifting technique developed by Yakov Gershkovich, a facial massage specialist from Moscow and Israel. A favorite of celebrities and royalty, the sculptural facial lifting technique is a very deep facial massage that promotes deep relaxation of the facial muscles, improves microcirculation, stimulates lymph, and lifts and tones the appearance of the face.

“This is my specialty right now,” said Shekhtman, one of only five beauticians in San Diego who knows this technique.

Shekhtman was lucky enough to find space in the Solana Beach resort about a year ago. For now, I She Beauty is just herself, but she is looking to expand and grow her business and hopefully one day, she will own her spa.

I She Beauty uses IMAGE Skincare, PCA, Cosmedix, Living Libations and organic natural oils in its facials. Each face is customized according to each person’s goals and skin care needs.

Her full-body detox pack is the ultimate self-care experience. It starts with a dry brush and an oiled body massage and then the client is wrapped in an infrared heated sauna blanket: “You cook in there and sweat all the toxins,” Shekhtman said of the wrap that works to slim, tone and detoxify. “It looks absolutely amazing.”

With her treatments, Shekhtman incorporates energy work and meditation, giving people the deep love that everyone is looking for these days.

“I love it,” Shekhtman said of his business. “It gives me so much joy to help people feel good.”

I She Beauty is located at 128 E. Cliff Street in Solana Beach. For more information, contact (858) 649-3947 or

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