Sew away sew well as UMass students prepare for the next fashion show

NEW BEDFORD – Two years since consumers swapped their office suits for sweatpants and hoodies, UMass Dartmouth’s students Campus Star Store they are preparing to show their visions for the future of fashion.

At the end of this month, sophomores of the The College of Visual and Performing Arts will showcase its custom dresses at a semester-long fashion show where models will strut on the Dartmouth campus auditorium runway.

“The students really did some beautiful things,” said Aleta Deyo, one of the instructors on the CVPA’s fashion program.

Freshmen and other upper-class students can also participate in the show.

The event, titled “LIGHT + FASHION”, will also be surrounded by light cartoons created by the students of the Architecture and Interior Design program. There will also be a light festival after the event.

For this year’s show, students worked throughout the semester to create their own take on the “athleisure” trend, which saw many pros combining training shorts with blazers while conducting meetings from home.

“What the kids are exploring is how to bring those people back to fashion by combining comfort and style,” Deyo said.

The process begins with the designs, sampling which materials would be best for those dresses and then assembling a final product.

The clothes are then criticized by teachers and professionals so that students can make changes before the big show.

“Sometimes a concept or idea may not be executed perfectly,” Deyo said. “By carrying the idea forward, you can learn, which is what we are about.”

Along with a piece of athleisure, those attending the show can have their models show off a collection of four to six dresses ranging from grunge-style knitting to Met Gala-inspired dresses and avant-garde floral jackets.

Freshmen, meanwhile, are working on simple kimonos as they learn basic patterns and techniques.

“Here, kids can experiment with a lot of different things or lean on what they want and be really imaginative about where they think fashion trends can go,” Deyo said. “There are places for everything.”

Second year Kaleb Reynolds said she is using textured motifs to create an ensemble that would allow for greater self-expression with 2008-inspired designs Studio Ghibli “Pony” movie.

“Sometimes it seems to me that clothes don’t express people as much as they should,” she said.

Meanwhile, young Ashley Clark is working on a five-piece collection of workwear for women of color.

Her designs include the use of vibrant colors which she believes would have paired well with darker skin tones.

“I just want to use the colors they make [people of color] feel calm and confident, “he said.

Clark added that when the show takes place, her models will also wear a natural hairstyle as a way to support the creation of an open and law-abiding world on natural hair. – prohibiting discrimination based on hair structure and hairstyles.

The bill was passed in the US House of Representatives last month and is now awaiting a vote in the Senate.

“It’s just hair,” Clark said. “Limiting is not good.”

Fifth year student Emily Aaron is using her passion for costumes to create a clothing set based on a play she made about flowers in a Victorian-era garden.

“The Victorians placed such a high meaning on flowers – they even had their own language,” said Aaron. “Conveying those meanings through clothes and costumes will hopefully add a new level and make people think differently about flowers.”

In addition to creating the clothes together on the second floor of the Star Store, Aaron said his home is also filled with fabrics and dyes he made on his stove top.

“It takes control of your whole life,” he said. “But when you love something, you don’t mind.”

The CVPA fashion show will be held on April 30th at 6:30 pm. Tickets cost $ 5 for students and $ 10 for the general public.

Tickets can be purchased in cash at the door or online through the art school website.

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