Scottish student forced to wear wigs after hair mask turns blue

A Scottish student was forced to wear wigs after a Schwarzkopf hair mask “turned her blonde locks blue.”

Saskia Parsons was shocked when she realized that the 5 minute hair mask would leave her with blue streaks across her blonde mane.

The Live Color and Care Color Boost Hair Mask in Icy Pearl is designed to give blondes a boost of color.

But the 21-year-old student is so short of cash that she was left wearing wigs to cover her hair until she can afford dyes at home.

Saskia, from Renton, East Dunbartonshire, shared shocking shots of her hair disaster to warn other Schwarzkopf clients of what could “happen to them too.”

Saskia Parsons
Saskia Parsons was left with blue hair

She told the Record: “I regularly dye my hair at home because I’m a skinny student, usually my hair is blonde and I know what I’m doing.

“I bought the mask on March 12 because I thought it would be nice to revive the color of my blonde hair.

“I’ve used Schwarzkopf home dyes before, so I wasn’t worried.”

On March 13, Saskia dyed her lower hair blue.

Saskia Parsons
Saskia Parson’s hair was blonde before using the mask

“The blue part of my hair had been dyed properly and it was just on the bottom,” she said.

“My hair was clean and I dissected that part.

“My partner helped me apply the mask to the top of my blonde hair.

“I left it on for five minutes, then washed it off over the bathtub, as instructed.

Saskia Parsons
Saskia Parsons bought the mask on March 12 and used it the next day

“Suddenly I could see that the condensation was a blue color and I thought, Oh my God, what’s going on? ‘”

She added: My hair was almost blue all over, with some patches darker than others, other parts were green in color, and other sections were white.

“I was completely shocked, I have never had any problems before.

“That mask should only enhance your color, not dye it blue.”

Saskia Parsons
Saskia Parsons’ hair was left white and blue after using the mask

Although Saskia didn’t complain to Schwarzkopf, she resorted to wearing wigs while out and about after being left mortified by her shady barnet.

“I helped out with a kids’ club, so I wanted to wear blonde wigs there too,” she said.

“I can’t really walk around with this hair.

“Now I’ll have to keep using canned dyes and hope the color fades gradually.

Saska Parsons is sharing her story to warn other customers

“I want to warn other people, so this doesn’t happen to them too.”

Schwarzkopf apologized and offered expert help Saskia.

A Schwarzkopf spokesperson told the Daily Record: “We are sorry to learn about Saskia Parsons’ experience and would be happy to offer expert help in identifying the cause.

“You can reach us on 0800 3289214.”

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