Remark opens the cosmetics industry, the skin care research center in Munshiganj

With the aim of simplifying the supply of world-class cosmetics and skincare products, Remark HB Limited, a leading manufacturer of beauty products, recently established the first full-fledged care research center in Munshiganj. of the country’s skin and cosmetics industry, reads a press release.

According to the company spokesperson, Remark wants to firmly assert its position as one of the best research and cosmetics centers globally and they hope this is a step in the right direction.

Remark LLC is an affiliated organization in the United States. The parent company is already investing heavily in research and development to produce the best beauty and home care products in the world.

The company is already testing products from the United States and Europe to ensure compatibility not only with our country’s climate, but also with specific skin types and customer demands accordingly.

Veteran makeup artist and trainer Saleha Sarowar said, “We suffer from an abundance of low-quality cosmetic products on the market. Despite the huge demand for color cosmetics, there is a lack of a quality manufacturer and product line, which is very unfortunate. . ‘

When it comes to local producers, the quality standards are very low.

As a result, customers are constantly subjected to harassment and confusion.

On the other hand, the cosmetics industry in Bangladesh is mainly dependent on imports.

However, evildoers constantly avoid duty-paying responsibilities, which hurts both the government and the people.

Considering all these factors, Remark’s initiative certainly deserves applause.

Renowned economist Ahsan H Mansur believes that although the RMG industry is the main source of export income, we should look for alternatives to minimize our dependence on this specific sector.

Instead, we should emphasize more sectors such as chemicals, IT, electronics and cosmetics, all of which are more tech-friendly.

In reference he mentioned that in 1990 both Bangladesh and Vietnam had a net export volume of $ 1 billion.

Fast forward to 2021, Vietnam posted an impressive $ 336.25 billion export income, compared to our own $ 44.22 billion.

To put things in perspective, Vietnam’s RMG industry only contributes 16% -17% to the country’s export business.

This indicates that Vietnam has managed to diversify its export sector over the past three decades, which is a remarkable feat.

Remark is willing to take charge of that ship and lead the way. Sharif Md Ali Sumon, Head of Corporate Affairs at Remark HB Limited, said: “Every year we import cosmetic products worth over 10,000 crore BDT. Through the inauguration of our research center, we want to reverse the situation and transform this industry. heavy into an exportable one. Eventually, this will also have a positive impact on the development of our economy. We are also incorporating American technology to create a product line that will not only meet the demands of our people, but will also be exported to foreign countries. ‘

The research center is being built on the surface of 100 acres of non-agricultural land, which has been abandoned for years.

Note HB Limited hopes that once this land is cultivated in an environmentally friendly way, industrialization will be able to create employment opportunities for more than 15,000 people.

In addition to this, over 150,000 people will be indirectly employed in this project.

Initially, the factory will produce over 400-500 products from 40 different brands, ranging from categories such as color cosmetics, skincare, home care and personal care.

The company is also researching to find environmentally friendly packaging components.

It opens the door to infinite possibilities and limitless potential.

On the one hand, Remark will be able to create new job opportunities for the unemployed by introducing world-standard cosmetic products to the market.

On the other hand, it creates a new source of incoming export income. This is the first time ever that Bangladesh has seen such enormous efforts and investments in the cosmetics industry, which is considered unprecedented.

Ashraful Ambia, Chief Executive Officer of Remark HB Limited, said: ‘We are working tirelessly to create a green and environmentally friendly industry, meeting all requirements. We have also collected exemption documents from the Department of the Environment, the Fire Department and the local government agency. We are aware of the wishes of our honorable Prime Minister to create an industrialization trend that ensures more job opportunities and we have made it our collective life mission to help achieve this. We are optimistic that we will have the maximum support from our government, the local administration and the people of Munshiganj to help realize this noble initiative and make it a reality. We welcome all who come to join us and support us on this extraordinary journey to revolutionize the export industry and eclipse a new horizon in the landscape of our economic progress as a nation. ‘

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