‘Real Life Rapunzel’ has her first haircut in 19 years and is unrecognizable with the bob

A “Real Life Rapunzel” looks unrecognizable after cutting 4 feet from her long locks.

After a disappointing cut when she was seven, Vanessa Rasmusson decided to leave hairdressing.

She has been growing her hair for nineteen years, making it so long it brushes against her calves.

The 26-year-old’s “do” helped with her confidence and became an important part of her identity.

So it came as a shock when Vanessa from Utah, USA braved an extreme transformation and flaunted the results online.

The mom-of-two, who became a TikTok star thanks to her princess braids, decided to get a chin-length bob.

Vanessa Rasmusson
Vanessa’s long locks brushed her calves

Vanessa – who has a daughter Rose, 4 and a son, Jasper, 2, with her husband, 27 – said: “When I was seven, I cut my hair and hated it and promised myself I wouldn’t. I would never cut short again.

“I liked having long hair and was curious to see how much it would grow. I never expected my hair to grow to my calves!

“But it kept growing. In fact, I saw the biggest growth in my hair when I had my two children.

“People started complimenting me on my long hair all the time. I was noticed for my long hair and they became attached to my identity and self-esteem.

“Sure, sometimes it was nice to get a compliment, but more and more it started to make me feel uncomfortable.”

Vanessa Rasmusson
Vanessa cut 4 feet of her princess locks at the hairdressers

Vanessa continued: “I wanted people to see that there was more to me than my hair.

“My long hair has served me well for so many years. But after doing a lot of inner research, I realized they no longer needed them and were actually causing me more resistance in my life.

“I was becoming a different person than I was when I was seven.

“I wanted to try something different and let go of that identity. Part of that transformation meant letting go of the hair.

“My four foot long hair always made me stand out. But I didn’t want to be seen just for my hair anymore, I wanted to be seen as a person.”

Vanessa Rasmusson
Vanessa was determined not to let her hair define her

After getting the cut in secret, Vanessa unveiled her new “do” with her 33,000 followers on TikTok.

She revealed: “I only told a handful of people, including my husband, before I cut my hair.

“I didn’t want anyone’s opinion to influence my decision. I wanted to cut my hair for myself.

“I was excited but nervous about getting the cut. I was shocked when I saw it disappear for the first time, but I was also surprised to feel pretty and confident even with short hair.

“Besides, I never realized the weight of my long hair on my neck in all those years. It was so light now.”

Vanessa Rasmusson
Some were gutted to see Vanessa’s long locks cut back

Vanessa continued: “I was afraid that people would not follow me when I cut my hair. But if nothing else, it solidified my decision to go to the hairdresser. I had to face my fear that some people only care about my hair. .

“When I revealed my transformation on TikTok, obviously there were people telling me that I was no longer special or unique without my long hair. Some users threatened not to follow me, while others tried to console me by telling me that my hair would grow back.

“But I actually got a lot more followers from my haircut video because it was so extreme. That was pretty cool to see!

“Cutting my hair made me face many beliefs I had about myself. It made me see the beauty in myself, beyond my hair.

“It made me realize that my value doesn’t change based on what I’m wearing or how I look.

“I want to show women that their worth doesn’t even depend on certain attributes. You’re awesome because you are yourself.

“I hope my decision also allows other people to examine themselves and see if they are holding on to things that may be negative. Letting go has brought me so much joy.

“I’m really loving my short hair right now. Maybe I’ll grow it again someday, but definitely not soon!”

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