People “meow” to sculpt their faces, but does this beauty technique work?

Why go under the knife when something as simple as tongue posture correction exercises can create a stronger jaw and make the double chin disappear?

This is the promise of meowing, a technique that is anything but new, but that social networks are bringing back to the fore in the search for a balanced and perfectly structured face.

Making something new from something old is shaping up to be a specialty for these new social media sites.

Surgical acts and cosmetic procedures are exploding on social networks, with all the risks they can bring. But users also love the more natural techniques to transform face and body without having to go under the knife.

And while folk remedies are particularly popular, it is now an orthodontic technique that is back in the spotlight.

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Here the term meow has nothing to do with the noises of our favorite felines.

The name of this technique refers to British orthodontist John Mew, who is said to be the creator of this tongue posture training method, before his son Mike Mew popularized it on his YouTube channel Orthotropics.

The clips have multiplied at high speed on the video-hosting platform, giving rise to a real craze for this method, which was not initially touted as an anti-aging trick.

From malocclusion to facial remodeling

For years John Mew, born in 1928, has studied the causes of malocclusion – misaligned teeth – which, according to his conclusions, seems to be the result of the evolution of our lifestyles, rather than genetics.

More specifically, it is our taste for soft and cooked foods that would be responsible for a less sculpted and less toned jaw, gradually transforming the shape of the face and giving rise to numerous ailments.

All this is apparently related to the incorrect posture of the tongue.

The technique developed by the orthodontist in response to this phenomenon aimed to strengthen the functions of chewing and swallowing to strengthen the jaw and realign the main areas of the face.

But on TikTok, it’s for aesthetic purposes that users have brought this method back into the spotlight.

Now it’s about getting a chiseled and strong jaw, getting rid of the double chin or reshaping the face to make it more balanced. And that’s not to mention those who see meowing as a miraculous anti-aging remedy.

On this point, we’re still trying to find out why … But you have to admit that the before / after images posted by TikTok-ers are quite spectacular, showing real results in just a few months.

Here, there is no need for cosmetic surgery.

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Mewing simply involves practicing tongue posture training exercises. More precisely, by placing the tongue against the palate, without touching the front teeth and, if possible, keeping the mouth closed.

Try to make sure you breathe through your nose. This exercise should ideally be performed with meals or while drinking water at first so that this position becomes automatic.

Try it and you will see that the jaw must actually work, but it seems to take several months to see the first results.

The technique has become a viral hit on social networks in recent months, amassing over 300 million views to date on the Chinese social network.

Its #mewingtutorial variant already has more than 16 million views, reflecting a clear craze for the method around the world. Whether it is (truly) effective remains to be seen. – AFP Relax news

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